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March 20, 2018

How to Install Chrome Extension On PC Using Mobile OS

As we all know, Chrome has thousands of interesting Extension on its Web Store. Many people desperately want to install this extension on their Personal Computer. However, Web Store feature was introduced by Google. Users can select chrome extension from Web Store and by clicking on a button, you can install the extension on their computer. But now with your smartphone, you can remotely install Google Chrome extensions to your PC.

With any smartphone, you can install chrome extension on PC. It’s very simple process, where you have to visit an extension’s Web Store page on your phone. Then it will provide you two options i.e sharing it with a friend via e-mail or social [...]

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January 24, 2018

How to Disable Instagram’s Activity Status Feature

Recently Instagram has announced a new feature for its mobile app. With this new Activity Status Feature, users can see the online status of people in the direct messages section of the app. However, this feature works even if the person is not following your Insta account.

The new feature is very similar to Last Seen on WhatsApp and Active At on Facebook Messenger. It shows the last seen of users, it has options like ‘Active now’, ‘Active today’, ‘Active 1h ago’, ‘Active 24m ago’ etc. You can change the visibility of your Activity Status by visiting the app setting.

An Instagram spokesperson said in the statement, [...]

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November 13, 2017

How to Get iPhone X Animojis on your Android Smartphone

As you know iPhone X is trending nowadays with its most exciting feature. You might have seen a lot of memes and interesting Animoji feature on iPhone X. The Animoji feature is only available for iPhone X users. But today you can also use these Animoji on your Android Smartphone.

If you have an older version of iPhone, then you can’t enjoy this new feature on your phone. No application is present on App Store which will help you to enjoy this feature. If you are an Android users you can enjoy this feature by installing an app from Google Play store. To enjoy this feature it is mandatory to have a front camera on your Android phone.

You might be thinking that you [...]

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November 2, 2017

How To Restore Notifications You Accidentally Dismissed with Notification History Log?

The notification system in Android is one of the best features, but it can be annoying if you accidently dismiss all those notifications. There is a simple way to view all these notification that comes on your phone. Notification History Log is a new Android app which saves all your notifications locally on your device in one place.

You can retrieve all your old notifications using this application. This app helps you to access Notification History Log where you can find old notifications that you cleared recently. Notification History Log works on all Android Smartphones which running on KitKat or Higher version. You get full control over your [...]

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