Saturday, February 16, 2019

Subway Surfers world tour comes to India : Subway Surfers Mumbai

2014 comes with many new apps and updates on the Google Play Store. Among those many of the update one of the best update is of the most famous android game...
Pokemon-go trending

How Pokemon Go Became an Overnight Success

Pokemon Go is something that is on the threshold of breaking all trending charts. This has been an almighty success for Nintendo and  their stock price has spiked by 65% while the game has become...

Escape Bird Arcade Game : How Long Can You Survive?

After the end of flappy bird’s trend which had millions of download now comes another game related to birds named "Escape Bird" which is modest yet incredible to kill hours of...

This Will Surely Make You Roll on Floor Laughing #PokemonGo in India

Pokemon Go is not yet officially launched in India and people over here are going crazy about it. The people excited about #PokemonGo game have side loaded the apk and started...

Local Multiplayer Game : DUAL! Shot Bullet From One Screen To Another

There might be many games which you enjoy playing alone but then there are some multiplayer game which you can stop yourself from sharing with friends and playing it all the...


Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 : Review, Specifications, Price And Features

Samsung the leading brand in the android smartphone market has showed up it 3rd generation in its Galaxy Ace series the new mid-range phone...