Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Hands on Review

The Yahoo Aviate Launcher had get off from its beta mode and is now been made available for free. The user does not need the Aviate invitation code to use this application. This application can be downloaded easily with a wonderful home screen personalization application. This Aviate Launcher by Yahoo is not at all a typical aviate launcher. You need to look at its review to know more about it.


Unlike some popular launchers like Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, Apex Home Screen Launcher etc. Yahoo Aviate Launcher simplifies and organizes your phone automatically. It will only show you the apps and the information that you will need throughout your day.

The Aviate APK was previously named as Aviate Beta and you were required to purchase the Aviate Launcher Code to use the Aviate launcher. But now it had been made free and you only need to download and install Yahoo Aviate Launcher. After its installation, you can use it without entering any code.

Key Features of Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Some of the key features of Aviate Launcher are listed below. These are:

  • It has got simple and beautiful navigation. It will transform your phone to four screens to make the navigation and interaction easy on screen.
  • It will showcase different applications based on current time of day and your current context.
  • It will categorize your applications to collections automatically.
  • It will recommend the apps that are based on latest ratings on Google Play and in context to what you have installed on your Phone.
  • You can contact your favorite person over a single swipe rather than searching a huge contact list on your phone.
  • You can easily customize your phone, edit applications in your collections, create shortcuts, choose between 2 themes, ass widgets, install icon packs, and change home image for beautifying the Aviate you own.

New Features Listed to yahoo Aviate Launcher


It will automatically suggest you the favorite for the most popular contacts. You can swipe from home screen to chat, call, or text people to whom you chat daily.


This will help you to connect to the conference call with single tap. It makes is easy for you to call an Uber. You can even send the emails to the clients, if you are going to be late in a meeting.

-Daily Habit Galore

You can access alarm clock, daily news summary, weather, and Flickr image of the day with single swipe. It compares the weather of today and yesterday nicely.

Why to go for Yahoo Aviate Launcher App?

You can opt for this free Yahoo Aviate Launcher application because of several reasons:

  • It works little similar to Google Now as it changes automatically with time
  • It provides quick access to apps
  • It has got clean and simple visuals
  • The dark theme of this Aviate is great to be used at night
  • It is available for free

Why not to go for Yahoo Aviate Launcher App?

Aviate launcher is a great app, but some people might opt out to use this app because:

  • It has limited customization options ( only 5 widgets, and no wallpapers)
  • It should have come up with better widgets

So, you can now easily decide, whether to go for this Aviate Launcher or not. If you are having any issue regarding Aviate Launcher or any Launcher, fell free to comment below.

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher From Google Play Store