WonderShare MobileGo For Android : Easily Manage Your Android Device

Having huge memory into your Android smartphone is no longer a constraint, many devices are being launched with a huge internal memory. But the problem now is are we able to manage the data which are stored in this memory. Most probably the answer is No. We at Above Android always update you with amazing apps and games, but what if the smartphone in which you have installed all this apps , games and data is no more usable to you.

What if the you are purchasing a new high end mobile device and want the apps, games and data back to the news device. Are you safe without having any complete and secure back up of your smartphone. The answer is no form the  majority of the readers like you. Thus the Company named as Wondershare have came up with the amazing software named as WonderShare MobileGo For Android.

The MobileGo for Android is a desktop application which runs on Windows as well as Mac. The user just need to install the software at the PC as well as the Android phone. After few Permission you can connect the phone with the software via USB cable or via Wifi. WonderShare describes MobileGo for Android as  a life saver for those who love music and video, text a lot and juggle apps on their Android phones and tablets. This works with all android version which are 2.o or above.

Features of WonderShare MobileGo For Android.

  • One Click Backup and Restore
  • Install Apps and Move to SD card
  • Detail Information About Device Connected
  • Find Duplicate Contacts
  • Send And Receive SMS on Desktop
  • Import and Export from Outlook/ Windows Live Mail
  • Convert & Import Music
  • Convert & Import Video
  • Import and Export iTunes Playlist
  • Connect with or without USB
  • Many More …

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 How To Connect Your Device

It is very simple to connect your smartphone to the PC. Firstly you need to install the MobileGo for Android software from the WonderShare Website by this link. Select the operating system of your PC from Windows or Mac and download the setup, than install it. The second step is to install the Wondershare MobileGo Android App from Google Play Store by this link. Now open the software from your PC and connect your device via USB cable. User can also connect via WiFi by scanning QR code which will be displayed on the screen of your PC.

Now I hope you have connected the device and thus we can now move on to the details of the MobileGo for Android. Let me elaborate all the features which were listed above. The first and the main feature is Backup and restore in one click and retain the perfect quality of your data. This feature of MobileGo take the one click backup of data such as Contacts, Text messages, Calender , Call Logs, Playlist Info, Photos, Music, Videos and the Apps. It will take the whole backup of your android phone with the songs as well as playlist. In any case if you need to restore the data into your device you just need to do restore procedure as the way you did for backup.

Another feature of the MobileGo for Android is that we can install the app from the PC itself into the Android smartphone. For doing this you first need to change the settings of the phone to allow the unknown sources. If you don’t know where to find this just click on the install app button on screen and it will guide you to the setting screen on your android phone and then enable the Unknown sources check box. Now you can install any application from your PC to your android device.

You can also manage your contacts with this android manager. It helps you to find the duplicate contacts from your phone and suggest you to join them. Multiple number are intelligent combined under one single contact with this android manager. It asks which accounts to check for the list of contacts and the manage them accordingly. It also helps to send and receive SMS from the PC itself, so now give rest to your thumbs and type the message from the desktop itself and send it. You also gets the notification when you receive the reply for your message that is SMS.

This is not the just, there many such features of the MobileGo for Android such as convert and import the music , videos from your PC to the high end mobile devices.  User can also import as well as export the  iTunes Playlist .If you are using the Outlook or Windows Live Mail then you can also import and export contacts from Outlook/ Windows Live Mail.

Pricing of MobileGo for Android

The amazing android manager by WonderShare named as MobileGo for Android is available in two option. The first option is to try the software and get famailer with all its functionalities. But under this option, the MobileGo is available for only 15 days which is the trail period for free version. The second is option is to buy the software. The MobileGo for Android is available at the cost of $39.95 which is about 2400 INR which is for the lifetime. User can also purchase for a period of 1 year by paying $19.95 which is the half price of the lifetime purchase. To install free trail go to this link.

Download MobileGo for Android : PC

Download MobileGo for Andriod : Google Play Store

Verdict :

MobileGo for Android provides lots of amazing features which are really important for the Android user. The pricing of the software is fare enough because after purchasing the android smartphone of $700 it is needed to invest $40 into this android manager. The user interface is awesome and there is almost no section where I can say this is wrong. The feature to connect phone via Wifi is superb and make the user easy to manage the phone. So final words, Must buy if you know the value of data which is stored in your android or at least install trail version to understand how amazing it is.