Wikipedia Android App As a Free Encyclopedia

The most helpful and genuine website which provides all the students the exact information related to any thing they are pondering for, is non other than \”Wikipedia\”. The Wikipedia Android app at a whole is an amazing experience to a person who is really keen to learn from this whole free encyclopedia.


Official Wikipedia App for Android describes the app in the Google Play Store as \”Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled.\”

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The feature of Wikipedia Android App are :

  • Save article to read later or offline,
  • Search articles nearby,
  • Share articles using Android \”Share\” function,
  • Read article in a different language,
  • Full screen search.

This Wikipedia Android App have came into Google Play Store after a long time, the users were keenly intrested for having such an app into their android devices and when the app was introduced in Play Store, but obvious as a free app, it got more than 10,000,000 installations till the date. and have received 4.4 average ratting out of 5.

The app can search nearby locations for Wikipedia entries with the help of integrated GPS of the android phone. Another amazing feature is that the search within the Wikipedia Android app will also be reflected into the all searches of the browsing history of the device. With many such fantastic features this Android app is must download for all the android user which will surely help them in the near future for sure.


To download the android app of the website with 6th as a world Alexa ranking, you simply have to go to Google Play Store with the following download link and install it and start experiencing the great features of it.

Price: Free