WifiPass – Get Free Internet Access Easily

It is really a tough time when your mobile data plan is about to get exhaust and you are searching for Free Wifi or open Wifi hotspot. Majority of times you get the WiFi hotspot around you, but it require password to access the internet. This is the worst time and you are left without any internet source around you. The developer team named as Movile International Inc  have developed an Android App named as WifiPass – Free Internet.


When you install and open WifiPass app, it tells you how many Wifi hotspot are available in the range. After that a green search button arises and when you tap on that button, the app search and test for the free Wifi available in that range. It check for each and every hotspot and try the default and shared password for the particular Wifi HotSpot.

A user can also share its own password with its friends and other user. When you connect to any Wifi HotSpot the app ask to share the password or keep it private. If you share the password and then you and any person try to connect to that Wifi get the access immediately.

The amazing feature of this app is the WiFi map. The WiFi map shows you the places near you which offer free WiFi. This helps you to check where  that the place you are visiting is having any free WiFi hotspot surrounding it. You’ll be automatically notified when you’re in range of a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

By using WiFiPass user can use the passwords shared by others and access Wi-Fi hotspots in bars, restaurants, malls, and other public places. If there are multiple open or shared WiFi hotspot around you then there is another option to test the speed of the WiFi so you can select the better one.

The another feature is to download all passwords that are shared in your city or the area. So in case you data plan gets over and you are also unable to search for free WiFi hotspot the downloaded password will help you in that worst time.


The WiFiPass android app have just got an update with a completely redesigned interface. It also allows Automatic control of shared passwords and much easier connection process. Now you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots that require sign-in too.