WhatsApp Update brings Material Design for the App

WhatsApp has seen a flurry of updates lately, with their calling feature giving new changes to the UI. The latest update which was released on April 14th saw the app getting a material makeover, in its latest version 2.12.38.


Lollipop users might find some animations and transitions familiar, as the application is now available in its complete and final material avatar. The colors are now much bolder, the animations smoother, the icons have become much cleaner, and the overall experience is now more seamless.

In this brief article, we cover all things new in the latest WhatsApp update.


There is Material Design everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Right from the starting page one can see the level of changes that have been made.

The Chats and Calls windows

The green colour takes a darker hue and all the colours are bolder. Moreover, the top border disappears when you scroll down – a true characteristic of material design.

Even in the chat windows, you can see material design at its best. The earlier ‘send message’ button has been replaced by a circular button to record the voice, which makes it much more aesthetically pleasing. The experience somewhat reminds the user of the Messenger app that came with the launch of Lollipop.


With the chat window, there are also some noteworthy changes in the attachment system. The attachment options haven’t been changed, however their icons and the transition animations have got a material makeover.

Moreover, the information about a contact or a group is now much more visually appealing. The display photo appears in full resolution directly above the status, and is quite akin to what is there in the Contacts application that came with the Lollipop update.

And finally, the notifications which come when the phone is locked have also seen lots of material changes, specifically in the reply button and the contact image.

Overall, this can be touted as the biggest visual upgrade WhatsApp has seen in a long time. If you are interested in downloading this update, you could wait for the Play Store version to be upgraded, or you could download the application directly from the WhatsApp website and install it. This would automatically update your WhatsApp to the latest Material Design version.

You can download the latest version from here.