Web PC Suite : Manage Your Android Phone Wirelessly

The management between your mobile devices and computers can make you mad at times. But, this trouble had been removed by the Web PC Suite App to large extent and you can connect your mobile phone with PC effectively. This is the user friendly and easy application that runs on your Android Phone. Your phone will be connected to the web browser of your PC within minutes after completing the successful QR Code pairing method. Once you are connected to the browser of your computer, you can access all the sites easily. Navigating through the app interface is very easy and simple. If you close the browser window, the connection will be terminated automatically. Web PC suite App is the lightning fast way to connect your mobile device to PC and use the web browser of PC efficiently.


Features of Web PC Suite App

This is the super cool application that is available for free on Google Play Store. Some of the other useful features of this application are discussed here. These features make it worth installing.

Operability and Management

You get the complete access of your PC’s web browser after connecting this app with the PC. You can even browse through the files, folders, and manage them too. You can even classify the files by Gallery, Video, Music, Apps, and more. It will support all the basic operations like cut, copy, paste, create new, browse, rename, refresh, sort, delete etc.

File Transfer and HTTPS Support

It provides you the safer connection between your PC and phone. You can upload and download the files between you Android phone/tablet and the Laptop/PC in a convenient manner. The process is really fast. You can even download a heavy file as Zip to your computer from the Android device. It also helps in cross platform file transfer between iPhone/Mac/iPad/Android.

Media and App Management

You can play the media files on your browser live. You can double click any .apk file on the web and install it on your browser. You can quickly manage all the .apk files, system apps, and installed apps. You can even read the Android .txt files on web. The batch download and upload is supported under each category.

Fast Connection

You can connect your Android smart phone in a fast way to the web. You can choose to connect it directly or you can scan the QR code under Wi-Fi connection. Just say bye to your USB data cable. The direct connection mode is for devices not having front or rear camera.

Other Features

You can use the big screen for browsing along with PC keyboard. There are many helpful widgets too that are available for you. You just need to drag and drop them.

Pros of Web PC Suite App

  • It provides you easy setup and you can get working right way
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  • You can manage and transfer the photos, music, apps, and other files effectively from your Android device
  • Allows you reading the files from your android device
  • You can launch the web pages from browser to phone directly

Cons of Web PC Suite App

  • The device is always awake by default
  • Don’t allow the un-installation of your apps

Download Web PC Suite From Play Store