Videoder : Best Video Downloader App For Android Phones

In this world of internet everything is online and uploaded. Everything is shared in just a few seconds. Similarly number of videos collective in the size of GBs are upload in a single day to Youtube and many such similar websites. We as a user love to watch this videos online and when some of the video is extremely good, we just think to DOWNLOAD it.


In the same emotion I was searching for an android app to download videos into my Android phone. and at this pointing time I was encountered with the Videoder : Video Downloader App. This app is developed by Rahul Verma more precisely this app is coded by Rahul Verma and Designed by Sur Singla.


For Computers i.e. Desktop PC there are number of free and premium software to download video from all around the web, such as Youtube Video Downloader or Internet Download manager, but for the Android smartphones there are very few.

Videoder downloads your favorite videos in just simple two steps. The First step is to search for the video you wish to download and the second step to select the resolution. Rest all the work will be done by this app itself. When you search anything in the search bar with a fraction of time the page gets loaded with the results.When you perform the second step i.e when you tap on any video, it shows the various resolution available to download for that video. It also shows the size of respective video so you can select the better choice according to you.


Once you start downloading any video the control goes to the another section, this is the download section the video which are downloaded or which are currently downloading are get displayed over here. A user can long tap on the video and get the option such as resume or pause, restart with other configuration, remove from list and delete from storage.

Stats :
The Videoder : Video Downloader app have successfully crossed 5,000,000 installations and have received more that 100k Google plus one for the app. The Videoder have got 4.6 rating out of 5 by 305,746 users which indeed tells the great performance of this app. The size of app is just 2.8 MB and it works on almost all android devices and android version 2.1 and above.


Verdict : 
This app is a must download app and the best option for the users to download videos and save them in various format. For the elegant design i would give 10 on 10 and also for the functionality of the app we would give 10 on 10.

Note : The Videoder App have been removed from the Google Play Store, so now you can download it from Above Android for free. Enjoy.