15+ Unknown Google Photos Shortcuts on Keyboard

In this article, we will tell you about some of the unknown Google Photos shortcuts that will help you to use this service very easily. Google Photos is available both as a mobile application and as a web service. The shortcuts which we are going to tell you will only work for the web service version. The app has all the features using the touch.


All of us are familiar with what Google Photos is. For those who don’t know let me tell you that Google Photos is a photo-sharing and cloud storage platform developed by Google. Google Photos allows you to upload your photos and videos and create a backup of it. The photos are stored on the cloud. Therefore these photos and videos can be accessed later from anywhere.

Here are the Unknown Google Photos Shortcuts:

EscBack, Close or Deselect a Photo
#Delete a Photo
/Search Photo
oShow Original Image
aAuto-Enhance Photo
eEdit Photo
?Show Shortcut Keys
z, +, –Zoom-in, Zoom-out
iShow/Hide Information
fAdd to Favorite/ Remove From Favorite
E->RCrop Image
Left ArrowPrevious Row
Right RowNext Photo

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Here is a detailed explanation of some important Google Photos Shortcuts.

1. Esc

The escape key is used for many purposes. If you want to deselect a selected photo ‘Esc’ key is used. It is also used to go back to the home screen from a photo.

2. ‘/’ Forward Slash – Search Photo

There are hundreds and thousands of photos on Google Photos. If you want to search for a particular image in your account you have to just press ‘/’ key and a search option will appear.

3. Left Arrow and Right Arrow

This is the most common shortcut key that is widely used. A Google Photos account has many images, to navigate through these images, you can use these arrow keys.

4. ‘x’ key – Select Photo

To perform any action on a photo, the primary thing that is to be done is selecting the photo. To select a particular photo, the ‘X’ key is needed to be pressed. To edit a photo, download a photo, archive a photo, etc. , the first thing you need to do is select a photo.

5. “o” key -To show Original Image

When you are in the editing process of an image and you want to check the difference between the edited image and the original image you can simply check it by pressing ‘o’. This shortcut will take you back to the original image for a while and help you to understand the difference.


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So these were the unknown Google Photos Shortcuts. If you think that we have missed out on any shortcut then let us know in the comment section below