UC Share File Transfer App Launched for Android

UCWeb, a Chinese company which is owned by Alibaba group of China has launched UC Share app. It is file transfer app which is available for Android smartphones. The UC Share app can take  0.2 seconds to transfer an image, 1 sec to transfer a song and around 22 seconds to transfer a movie.


The company claims that the app can transfer files at an average speed of 5MB per second. Moreover, the UC Share app is free to download and available on Google Play Store. The file transfer app is compatible with devices running an Android version 4.0 and above.

With UC Share app, you can transfer images, video, music, apps and other files to your friend. However, UC Share app is similar to other file transfer app like Shareit which has over 1.2 billion users. Also, it doesn’t require any data connection to transfer your files in a small amount of time. It has an option to generate QR code which can offer easy file sharing between two smartphones. Additionally, it includes a Bluetooth sharing option which offers file transfer support to a huge range of devices.


Features of UC Share app:

  • The app is lightweight and easy to use.
  • You can transfer file at an average speed of 5 MB/s to 21 MB/s.
  • Also, you can connect with friends by choosing friends icon or by scanning friend’s QR code.
  • One can use the app as a file manager to search images, music, video and other files.

Along with File transfer, you can use UC Share app as a file manager to view your various files present on your device. Similar to a Shareit app, you can take a look at previously transferred files by visiting the history section of the app. Also, the app saves the previous sender and receiver icons which will help to build a faster connection with the previous contacts.

The size of UC Share app is 1MB. But when the app is installed, it consumes nearly 20MB storage space on your smartphone. You can download UC Share app directly from Google Play Store. Do try this lightweight file transfer app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.