Twitter Lite: A new Data and Storage Friendly App

Twitter is an Online News and Social Networking websites Similar to Facebook, Google+ and Orkut. Where users Post and Interact with Celebrities and Famous People. Where People initially can Post only up to 140 Characters, After a New Update then the character limit was increased to 280 characters. It could be Accessed Via Web and Play Store as an App.


Recently Twitter has announced its new Data friendly, A very Small App last month for the Philippines. It was mainly designed for people with small internal storage, Power Inefficient Processor, and People who Pay a lot for their Data and tied up with their Network Provider under a Contract. Now after the Successful trial, Twitter has now finally decided to roll out with Other Countries as well.

A lot of Our  Budget Phones Cannot Handle Apps which are Of large Size and also Consume a lot of Data. Before The Announcement of Reliance JIO on India, Data used to be Highly Expensive and Meant Only for the People who Could Afford the Internet, or Their Business has to do with the Internet.  While Twitter Lite is mainly Designed for Those people, who cannot Access Internet Frequently or Have Low Data.

Twitter Lite also Guarantees to load Content immediately for people Who still use 2G Network on their Android Phones. There is also an Offline Downloadable Content for Offline Viewing right inside the App. The Whole Twitter lite app is just Hardly 5 MB in Size. You Could even Customize Images from High Resolution to Low Resolution to save your Data with the help of Data Saver Mode which is very similar to what Facebook is Offering.

Twitter also Officially Announced how Successful in the rates of Increase in the Engagement of the People with up to 50 Percent only from the Lite users Alone. They\’re also Constantly on the lookout for Improving their App Experience from the people Through feedback and reviews.


Twitter Lite is Officially Now Available in 24 Different Countries and Will soon be coming to India Soon. Especially India is the No.1 Country right now on the  Consumption of Internet.  Soon Expect More Number of People Moving to the New Twitter Lite Experience.

Twitter Lite Features:

  • Low Data Consumption
  • Offline Support
  • Incredibly Small Mini App (Around 5 MB Only)
  • Minimizes Data Usage
  • Made Specifically for 2G and 3G Networks.
  • Even Downloadable with Low Internal Storage
  • Incredibly Fast and Smooth
  • Keeps Your Battery Always High
  • Automatic Updates
Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: To be announced