TUFFS Pro : The New Way to Open Your Fav Apps

TUFFS Pro is the  Notification Shortcuts app which allows you to add shortcuts to your app to the notification area. There are many ways to quickly access your apps on Android, but the shortcuts in the notification area is one of the best ways. Like other apps, it doesn’t need background service and also won’t take up space in the status bar or on the lock screen. This app gives you a great utility to get your work organized without having to find the app in the app drawer for a long time.


TUFFS pro allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite application or system setting directly to the notification panel. By adding shortcuts, you can quickly access your favorite application present in the notification area. Also, you can access the system settings from the notification panel, if all setting is  customized properly.

Besides application and settings launch icon, you can also add shortcuts for a  direct call or message to a contact, a bookmark, and so on. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need any background services to run, displays no ads, and don’t include wakelocks  all the time which needs data access, hence it will consume less battery.

TUFFS Pro Features:

  • The app has Simple User Interface with a basic Material Design.
  • Don’t require any internet service and also has no background service or advertisements.
  • You will get customization options for icons, color, notification color, shortcut name color and many more.
  • You are able to add options like a direct call to a contact, direct messaging to a contact, a shortcut to a URL and many more.
  • It allows you to hide notification from Lockscreen.
  • It starts automatically when it reboots.
  • The app has Pre-loaded themes for notification shortcuts.

The app will appear in a notification section, which is just below the system UI of your notification shade. By default, there are  five icons in a single row, but you can increase the number of icons. The apps also have a free version which includes eight customizable shortcuts icon in a single row. In this app, you can add two rows of your choice at the same time.

You can hide this app from  the lock screen and status bar, which makes the best thing. The app contains a bunch of settings with simple UI. To make it blend in better with the system UI, you can change icon framing, remove the labels, or change the background color which matches to your notification panel.

The app comes with pre-loaded common themes among smartphone UIs. It includes some custom options for frames and background colors. Also has icon pack support, so you can create your own fancy theme.  The option for selecting a color looks more attractive. You can purchase the App Shortcuts – Easy App Swipe (TUFFS Pro)

app from Google Play Store for 100 Rs only, or can also try the free version of it. If you like the idea of having shortcuts in your notifications, then this app is best for you. Do try this amazing app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.