TrueDialer For Android : Dialer App by Contacts Search Engine, Truecaller

Truecaller, the company behind finding the name of all the unknown numbers have now added a new member to their family, Truedialer For Android. The Truedialer by Truecaller is amazing app that will help users find who they are looking for when they are ready to make a call.


The company suggests that the new dialler app can protect users from spammers. If the number being dialed has been reported by Truecaller’s community as an unwanted number, the app warns the user before the call is placed. The TrueDialer for Android also comes with T9 search support for predictive text input.

Similar to Google’s Stock Dialler app, which is pre-installed in the Nexus smartphones and few others too, Truedialer for Android app starts searching its database as well as your contact list for contacts related to what you are typing in the dialer and presents the relevant results.

While Google’s database is limited to local-business contact information, TrueDialer for Android will have access to Truecaller’s 1-billion strong directory with both personal as well as business contacts out of which about 40 million of its userbase is from India. You can also delete truecaller account permanently if you don’t like it

TrueDialer For Android : Video

The Company have published on their blogpost that – “Automatically search for information about a number you are dialing. As you type in a number, Truedialer seamlessly searches your own contact list and Truecaller’s database of over a billion numbers. You can instantly learn the name of an individual or business belonging to a number you dial, even if they’re not in your contact list.”

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Earlier this month, Truecaller had received a funding of $60 million (over Rs 368 crore) from a group of investors, including Atomico and Sequoia Capital. TrueDialer for Android, the welcome of new member in TrueCaller Family will surely improve the user base of the service and in return will give more contact database, on which the functioning of the company exist.

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