TimePIN Android App to Enhance Your Security

Now-a-days android has been paced up so fast that everything you need is in your pocket. People have become so depended on their phone as numerous facilities are available to you at such easy. You can shop anything you want or do banking transactions just by few click and filling proper details of your (debit/credit) card. But with such easy there comes a fear of getting your phone stolen and the things been hacked. So such time TimePIN – Security Lock Screen App comes in accessible. Well this was a formal concern to download this application.

What is TimePIN ? Why you should Download ?

This application as the name suggests sets your time to your password. It also has multiple features in it like reversing time or to set double password. So every time you unlock your phone you get a different password as per your time. Isn’t it cool? Now even if once you show up your password to someone else no worry as every time you unlock the phone there’ll be different password according to your time.
First you need to set a default password which will be used if there is any problem or for any other non-lock screen purposes. You need to enter the Default pin first time and then you can use your TimePIN.

Features of TimePIN:

  • 12 hour and 24 hour clocks both are supported
  • Without modifier- If no modifier is applied, and the time is “2:21”, your PIN will be “0221”
  • Reverse mode (free)– It reverses the pin, if the time is “2:21”, your PIN will be “1220”
  • Mirror mode(free) – It mirrors the pin, if the time is “2:21”, your PIN will be “02211220”
  • Date mode – It sets your date as the password.
  • Double mode(free) – It double the pin, if the time is “2:21”, your PIN will be “02210221”
  • Offset mode (paid) – It Applies a user chosen offset to the PIN. If the time is 10:43, and your offset is -121, your PIN will be 0922.

NOTE: The reverse, mirror and double mode are free, and no purchase is needed to use the application. The offset mode and the date mode are available for purchase for $1.99, for all, for lifetime.


If your device do not unlock as per your time pin which happens rarely. You can follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Remove the battery if removable.
  • Turn on your phone again and unlock it with the default password.

Tips & Tricks 

There are no major tricks or hack in this application but you can earn some cash or treat with your friends by challenging him to unlock your phone by showing him your password once and challenging him to unlock it the other minute. ”


TimePIN is a must have application as it is related to security of your phone. It is a small application worth 217 KB. It was recently updated on February 21th. There are more than 50,000 installs of this application and is been rated at 4.4 Stars. It is developed by the “Cunning Logic” developers and it’s usable for all age groups.


Download TimePIN Android App