Timely Alarm Clock : Colorful App And Widget For Android Clock

Today I’m here to review the recently launched alarm application called Timely Alarm Clock. Well we have stopped writing articles on a single application rather we use categories of Top 3, Top 5 and such. But when we get some application like Voxle, Clone camera and this timely alarm clock we just can’t stop our-self from sharing it to you loyal readers. This application is one of the best applications in its category developed by Bitspin.


Features of Timely Alarm Clock:

  • Easy Edge: This application is very user-friendly and very simple. To set an alarm you just need to swipe from the edge of the screen and set the desired time by dragging the bar appearing in front. And adjustment of 5 minutes can be done just by a click.

  • Attractive interface: This application has a hand-crafted, high quality sound which makes you awake according to your desired time. It also has Innovative Smart Rise feature transform waking up in the morning into pure delight

  • Personal Look: You can choose your own color theme and add up your own style if you are not comfortable with those thousand color scheme given with the application. Select one of our hand-crafted designer clocks to fit your taste.

  • Challenges: This app features challenging alarm to keep you challenge your self-waking up on time. Think pressing buttons is not fancy enough? Turn your phone to snooze it. Additionally, timely recognizes when you lift your phone and reduces the alarm intensity by lowering the volume.

  • Connecting your devices: You can connect multiple devices with this application having same alarm for more sound better result. Apart from that you can Manage, dismiss, and snooze alarm on all your device at one click. As a plus, everything gets backed up.

  • Designed for all size: This application is designed for all size of screen even in Tablets with same experience. No matter what kind of device you own, Timely just looks perfect.


This application has got 4.6 stars by downloads more than 500,000. It is worth 9.4Mb categorized under lifestyle applications. It requires android version 4.0.3 and above that is jelly bean.

ScreenShots :

Developer: Bitspin
Price: Free