Spark Mail for Android Lands Play Store and Replaces Inbox

Spark Mail which is an popular iOS email client app is now available for the Android Users. Google has discontinued Inbox by Gmail and now users are looking for best alternative for it. At the same time, Spark Mail for Android is launched.


The Spark Mail app almost every of the Inbox app including inbox, smart replies, scheduling emails, swipe and lot more. in the current version, couple of features are missing, such as quick replies and 3rd party integrations, but it is expected to hit the play store with an update in near time.

Features of Spark Mail for Android

  • Distraction Free Email

With Smart Mail for Android, you get the advantage of no distraction. With smart notifications feature, the app sends you a notification only if someone important sends you an email. This gives you space and peace of mind, so you can focus on important work.

  • Smart Inbox

Another feature of Spark Mail For Android is Smart Inbox. It helps to intelligently prioritizes all new emails so that you can quickly watch what’s important for you. It selects email from real people to the top and helps you to batch-delete less important.

  • Team

Spark Mail for Android helps a lot to work in a team. You can easily contribute to the drafting of email in real time similar to Google Docs and can also discuss email privately using comment and @-mention to your co-workers.

It is never easy to compete any product of Google and Spark Mail is challenging Inbox as well as Gmail. Lets wait some time and check how users are reacting to this newly launched email client app by Readdle Inc.