Shot On app adds Watermark on your Photos

Nowadays adding Shot On watermark on the photo are trending a lot. As you know most of the new smartphone is coming with this feature which adds the watermark with the device name on every photo which is taken from the device camera. However, this feature is not available on all smartphone. Most of us like Shot On feature and eagerly want this feature on their phone. If you are from one of them, then here is the Shot On app for you. Let’s talk about this app.


Shot On is the app which helps you to add watermark to your photo using an Android device. This app gives you an option to add photo courtesy with your custom logo stamp like “Shot on Samsung.” The Shot On is a user-friendly app which is developed by Yogesh Dama who brings such an interesting app for Android users. Basically, People who click the images to a professional level has always wanted a name on their click.

With Shot On app, you can add a watermark of a company name as well as your name as a photo credit.  Also, it includes a default watermark setting which works automatically when you click the new photo on the device. However, adding watermark will protect the misuse of the image which you have taken. It provides all additional features which are necessary for adding watermark.

Features of Shot On app:

  • It automatically adds by default Shot On watermark to all the photos which have been taken from your smartphone camera.
  • People can make their custom watermark and save it for their future use.
  • The app provides many inbuilt watermarks with the attractive font, brand name, and logos.
  • For creating Shot On logo, it gives you an option of logo alignment, size, color, and font.
  • You can choose the brand name of the company and type a name as photo credit with stylish fonts and adjustable size options.
  • The app doesn’t require any internet connection and also doesn’t provide any advertisements which are the best thing.

However, many people just want to showcase their costly Android phones by adding watermark to their images. Each Shot On logo watermark can customize with its amazing features. You can directly save the original size of the image or reduce the size of the image which makes easier to share photos and save space on the phone. The app just requires a one-time fee of Rs. 50 and also it doesn’t have additional in-app purchase or any other premium subscription cost.

For adding Shot On watermark use a high-quality image which is captured from your smartphone. You can save your custom logo for your future use. Also, you can set this custom logo to default by using the app setting. For sharing your watermark image to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, just tap the share button which is present in the menu section.

Adding watermark to the image can protect the work of photographers, from having their work used without permission or payment. In future, it doesn’t require any kind of subscription. It only requires one-time payment support of Rs. 50 and in return it gives many interesting features. You can download Shot On app directly from Google Play Store

. Do try this app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.