ShortPaste : Get Shorten URL Just By Copying It

Whenever you want to share the website URL, you need to copy that weird looking address with some boring symbols in it. If you want to make it short and simple, then you need to use one of the URL shortening sites such as or the or one from many such more. But the ShortPaste Android app developed by the Mohammad Adib, makes the tedious job easy.


ShortPaste Android App works smoothly in the background and copy the link from the clipboard shorten it and again save it in the clipboard. So when you try to paste the link on any other app such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Twitter or any such app, it simply paste the shorten URL.

How To Use ShortPaste Android App

  • Install the ShortPaste Android App from Google Play Store.
  • Open the ShortPaste Android App and select any one from or
  • Now Visit any website and just copy the link.
  • Just at the mini second you will receive the notification of ShortPaste with the Shortened URL.
  • Now just paste anywhere and the shortened link will be pasted.

The landing screen of the ShortPaste Android App tell about everything you need to do for using this app. In the initial version of the ShortPaste , the developer have started with the one service i.e. , but just on the next day, the ShortPaste developer Mohammad Adib have included the most commonly used service too.

If you tap the notification of the ShortPaste then you will be redirected to the archive tab of the ShortPaste application which will display all the shortened URL in a list format. Unfortunately, the full version of the link is not saved in the archive, which makes it difficult for users to identify which link is which.

ShortPaste also has a Settings screen where you can easily activate and deactivate the app if you need. Going ahead, you can toggle start on boot option, as well as Trim Header, which removes http:// from the beginning of all new links. Also check out the ShortPaste official video embedded below.

The ShortPaste App require Android 4.0 or above to function properly. The size of the app is only 1.3 MB and it works amazingly in the background and it is always there for you. The app have got amazing ratting and review at the Play Store and hope readers of Above Android will also love it and give their response in the comment section below.


Download ShortPaste From Play Store