Facebook Messenger for Kids Comes to Play Store

Facebook recently Announced its Messenger for Kids. Yes, You heard that right. As a Parent when your kid talks about Facebook anyone would Panic of the Haunting Memories of what You read In Social Media and Newspaper about Exposing Kids to Facebook. But You need to hold on Before Judging the Whole Name which is associated with It.


This is Just the Facebook Messenger which is built only for kids with tighter Parental Controls. Facebook has Deleted many under 13-year-old accounts earlier before who use Facebook without Authorization from their Parents. Well, Facebook to put a Total stop to this illegal and Dangerous Uncontrolled practice. By Bringing more safer Supervision and controls to the parents. They have Launched the New Messenger which is specially built for Kids.

Previously 10-Year-Olds child has to lie their age when signing up on Facebook to use it. Facebook took the right decision by taking a quick step. Letting kids under 12 years access essential Communication with Limited Features and Controls with an Adult Supervision. Facebook says that it took so many precautions and Guidelines to make the new Messenger for kids app.

Precautions Facebook has taken:

Facebook says over 100 people with their team have worked on with Parents, Teachers, Advocates, and Children Development for the last two years. At least to bring this new app into Existence. A Parent should download the messenger kids for their child and should verify their identity. Also, it preserves the kid’s database out of the public and Encrypted. With Parents being the more Control with whom the Kids can talk to and Not by accepting requests.

Also, One more Good Thing about the Facebook Messenger for kids is that there will be no Advertisements will display for them. Not even Collection of data and Only When those kids turn 13 Their Facebook account can turn into a Normal Account.

Facebook does say that it will collect only essential Diagnostic Data to Improve the App more. Facebook AI already is excellent in identifying images and videos which is harmful and put a kid into dangerous. Like the other day, A friend of mine posted an Immature Child Content on messenger. He was Blocked Immediately, and While the image which I did download and I tried to send someone, I got Blocked Immediately too.

Facebook Could also Develop a system to Block and Remove content which is inappropriate for a kid. Putting the Parents feel free from stress and Not worry about what their kids are Doing.

In short, the Facebook Messenger includes both text and video messaging feature, but parents control the contact list. The app doesn’t include ads or any in-app purchase. Also, the app gets new content like frames and emoji on our regular basis.


You can download Facebook Messenger for Kids directly from Google Play Store. Do try this app and control your child’s friend list. Let us know your feedback in our comment section below.