Schedule and Never Miss Your Uber Ride with Kommen App

Have you had issues scheduling an Uber with the Uber app – even for rural locations or cities not supported by Uber? If Yes, Then we at Above Android have found a solution for you. If Yes, Then we at Above Android have found a solution for you. Kommen App is the best way to schedule and pre book an Uber Ride absolutely anywhere the Uber service is available.


Let us guide you about this app and teach you How To Schedule your Uber Ride in advance.

Kommen LLC, a US company that focuses on developing solutions to improve the Uber experience have come up with an innovative idea. This is the first app from Kommen LLC and we expect many such apps from them. All you need to use this app is an active Uber account.

How to Schedule an Uber Ride with Kommen

  • Install Kommen app and Login with Uber Account

The first step to start the process is to install the Schedule your Uber with Kommen App from the Play Store and log in once with your active Uber account. It will ask for some basic permissions, after allowing it you will be ready with the app to schedule your ride.

  • Select Pickup and Drop Location

Whenever you need to schedule the uber ride, you just need to tap on the Plus icon on the top right corner. The first thing you need to provide is the Pickup and drop locations. It takes the help of Google Maps to select the perfect locations and it is easy to use.

  • Select Uber Type

Depending upon the location, Uber offers us different services. In selecting the Uber Type, Kommen takes a look at your pickup and drop location and suggest which Uber Types/Products are available at that location. This may vary from location to location.

  • Select Pick-Up Date and Time

When you are done with all the above steps, the final step is selecting a pickup date and time.  There are two options available to book now or to schedule for later. For scheduling, you need to enter the future date and time. Just select and tap Continue, You are done with it.

  • Improve the Reliability

To improve the reliability of Kommen and increase the chances of you getting you Uber on time, you are asked a few questions regarding back-up. You are asked for your alternate Uber product preference, if unable to get your initial desired Uber product. Secondly, the option to re-request Uber after the scheduled time. (Note –For the options mentioned, you can set a default for all trips by changing this options in the settings page of the Kommen App).

That is all, You Uber ride is scheduled and you are shown the estimated cost of your scheduled ride. By using the Kommen app, it becomes even easier to schedule an Uber ride when Uber schedule a ride option is not available on the Uber app. We at Above Android

recommend this innovative app which helps to make your life easy and simple.

Download this Kommen App from Google Play Store and do let us know your view about this Kommen App in the comments section below.