Roamy : Travel Roaming App To Control Your Internet Usage

Are you on vacations but still want to use different apps like Line, WeChat, Whatsapp, Facebook and many more? With this app known as roamy you can restrict the use of internet data connection to be used only by your preferred apps and can even limit the data use on them. You might incur heavy costs for international data roaming as switching on data pack enables all the apps to access internet.


If an user is planning for an abroad trip and wish to make use of their favorite apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, and many more in this case the user must give a try to this app known as Roamy. Now, with roamy, all you have to do is to choose the apps that can access the internet. You can block the unnecessary usage of internet by other apps that are not required by you. This reduces the unnecessary costs that were previously being incurred. This app makes roaming cheap and simple.Some of amazing features of this app is listed below:


Reduce costs

Just think you are abroad over data roaming charges. Obviously, you do not wish to receive huge bill next month, for this you would end up checking your much loved social networking sites and other apps. This would definitely help you save money but you will not be able to access your favorite apps. However now you do not have to worry about roaming as this app takes proper care of it. Roamy enables you to restrict the use of internet to limited apps and this helps in cutting down the costs.

Fix the usage limits

However, you can even use roamy when you are not abroad for monitoring the data usage by different apps. Enable or disable this roaming app if you wish to apply monthly restrictions domestically or engage automatically when you are abroad. Similarly, you can even set the start billing cycle, the travel global limit and the monthly global limit.

This app also allows you to know the cost incurred per MB so that you can get an exact idea how much you have spent until now. If you set the limit, roamy will prevent unwanted use of data. You will receive notification, when you approach the limit. Further, the apps segment is the best part of roamy. With it, you can unblock or block all the apps from use of data package or decide KB limits specifically.

Turns off when you do not need it

When you are at work or at home or if you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, roamy will smartly switch off automatically. If you are in a low-energy area, it immediately springs back to life as soon as the start conditions are fulfilled. Just by switching on roamy all this automatically takes place.

An ideal solution for limited data plans

Roamy also offers an option for domestic use if you have a limited data connection pack. Roamy will automatically switch on and monitor the usage of data whenever you connect to your mobile internet pack.

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