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Receive Call By Whistling With Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App

Receive Call By Whistling With Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App

by Abhishek VoheraJanuary 25, 2014

As you know the only best apps are featured on Above Android, here we are with amazing android app that will blow your mind as well as your mouth and we are sure enough after reading this article you will start whistling for sure. Today we are here with amazing tool app which will enhance your driving experience and let you focus on car rather than your boss or any other important call. This app is named as “Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App” which is developed by the team of DreamBit.


Features of Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App

As the name suggest, this app will let answer the call by just your sweet whistle. As you whistling sound is reached toward your phone it will automatically receive the incoming call and you can start the conversation. The another function is also as innovative as this is, the user can schedule an automatic SMS when you are not available to receive the call. This will inform the caller that you are busy right now and will call you back soon.

auto answer android app    auto answer app android
There is a special driving mode screen in this app which will make you able to call any person by just a single click. User can select up to 18 contacts to call them with a single click. This is not just, user can also select up to 9 applications to run with a single click. The driving mode screen also contains the quick contact search and the speed dialer. The Driving mode gets activated and deactivated automatically with the connection and the disconnection of a Bluetooth device.

auto sms android

This app also consist of a widget which let you organize up to 18 contacts as a card view and just single click on it and the call will be placed to that person. It is very similar to the favorite contact widget which is installed by default in most of the Android smartphones.

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