7 Reasons Why You Need To Start Investing In A Great Editing Software

Was there ever a time you batted your eyelids while watching Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King? 


Ah, what a gripping movie it was!

While the spellbinding storyline kept you on edge, do you know what went behind the silver screen to hold you so?


Better said, an editor with great editing software.

Jamie Selkirk, LOTR’s editor, had two million feet of film for editing, with different considerations on the footage – blue and green screen, coupled with the usage of miniatures. 

Selkirk had to swift through technical and narrative challenges to wrap the story in its regal adventurous fantasy tale. With a myriad of techniques including a brilliant mixture of the cross and fast cuts, Selkirk portrayed the battle scenes with vigor while emphatically coloring the emotions of the characters.

And as they say, the rest is history, the film aced the Academy Award for Best Editing.

This demonstrates that the success of any film or video, be it for entertainment or commercial purposes, lies not just in the plot and shooting, but in the editing alike. And to bring the desired emotions into the story, you need a great video editing software that’ll let you clip the scenes to perfection. 

7 Reasons to Invest in A Video Editing Software

Here are the seven reasons you need to invest in a great video editing software to create your commercial and entertainment masterpieces like the Lord of the Rings:

1. Tell A Story. Attractively.

Assume, for instance, that you own a software product company. And let’s say you’ve floated a new product for project management. For augmenting your conversions and sales, you embark on a task to create a demonstration video. 

And to effectively educate your prospects, you might want to either use animation or live-action video. But imagine producing the video with passable edits to narrate how your product would ease your prospects’ lives. 

Do you think this would trigger your prospects to take the desired call-to-action? 

Least likely.

That’s why, if you want to tell a great story to your prospects, you need to invest in great editing software, one that’ll offer you the needed tools to instill the preferred effects in your video. Check out how Core4 CRM mastered its demo video through great editing.

2. Skite Your Skills. Efficiently.

It is common knowledge that editing is a skill that takes years of practice to master. Right from trimming the video to the story flow and the colors and music, there are a variety of right-brain elements that go into the making of a wonderful video. 

And as every painter needs his canvas and paints, so do you need great editing software to channelize your skills.

If you are looking forward to a fruitful career in the video production industry, then your right course of action as an aspirant would be to indulge in self innovative projects and publish them on platforms like YouTube. 

With an online video editor for YouTube, you could ignite your dreams, while gauging viewer response to better shape your skills. 

3. Mix and Match. Professionally.

You are well aware that this is not the age of manual film-cutting in darkrooms. With quality software, you can cast the touch of professionalism in the sounds and voice-overs of the visual treasure. 

Adjusting and synchronizing the volumes and audio clips with the visuals might be a cushy job, but it’s an integral part of the overall video to deliver the message as intended.

With sound editing, you could easily invoke the desired emotional response from your viewers. For instance, take a look at the Matrix remix of the club scene. It’s the perfect case in point to demonstrate that auditory and visuals work like a hand in glove.

4. Drive the Flow. Perfectly.

The goal of the editor is to chip the video to a smooth and organized structure by tailoring the flow to the director’s vision. With great video editing software, you can scrutinize multiple shots and timelines to streamline the story mode. 

Take a look at the case study of the Film Editing Oscar Awardee, The Bourne Ultimatum.

Aren’t you crazed by the fight scene!

If you’d also like to compile your stories like The Bourne Ultimatum, get started on a simple video editor. You can pick it up from there!

5. Implement the Cuts. Fittingly.

One of the strategies that editors use to attain the perfect flow is through cuts. The process of cutting is indeed easy, for you would just have to define the start and the end time. 

But a perfect flow is attained by a timely cut. If you cut a scene in advance by a few seconds, it would result in an abrupt stop. On the flip side, cutting it by a few seconds’ delay would drag the scene. Either way, an untimely cut would slacken viewer interest.

Besides the time factor, there’s also the question of what cut to implement where. This defines the emotional prospect of the clipping. So, as befitting the scene, the time and the type of cut must be cleverly deployed. 

Draw your inspiration on how to implement a fitting cut from the all-time favorite Lord of the Rings.

6. Transition Between Scenes. Seamlessly.

Another important aspect that calls for the use of good editing software is the transition, the process in which you shift from one movie scene to the other by joining two different shots.

There are many ways to transition, the most common ones being the cut, crossfade, and wipe. While you may have the talent to decide which transition would best portray the story, you need the help of a good editing tool to do so.


7. Monetize Your Talent. Handsomely.

With free editing software, you are limited to your resources. But with a pro editing software, you’d be able to ace a lucrative career. 

Check this portfolio motion graphic video and be encouraged to invest in great editing software like Invideo to translate your talent into money!

Parting Thoughts

What are you going to do with the talent you’ve been bestowed with, a talent that many envy of you?

Don’t limit your talent to limited resources. Invest in great editing software, for the sky is your limit!