Now Adjust Your Volume Setting With Quick Volume Controls App

We all know if our volume button on the smartphone is stuck or damage then it becomes very difficult to adjust sound levels. Continuously, we have to visit the volume menu in phone Settings to control the sound levels. For making volume adjustment more easier and to get rid of this situation, developer Neelam Bhanushali has created a cool Quick Volume Control app for all Android users.


The Quick Volume Control app will allow you to quickly change the volume levels of the phone without leaving your apps or games. The app can control the volume of your smartphone even when your screen is locked.

However, the app is very easy to use and you can control the volume of the device from the notification bar. It also provides a volume widget and floating volume panel for controlling the volume of the device. With this app, you can instantly change the volume and set different sound profile of your choice.

Apart from this, the Quick Volume Controls app comes with more volume control functionalities. Users get an ability to switch your phone’s mode from silent, normal and vibrate, using the notification bar. App provides you dark and light theme option with a basic design which can use by both left and right handers people.

Features of Quick Volume Controls app:

  • It easily controls the volume of the device from the notification bar.
  • You will get two theme option which includes a dark and light theme.
  • Also, provide a floating volume panel with by default duration to it.
  • Get multiple color options to change the color of notification bar and widget too.
  • The app directly interacts with system volume settings.

If you want to avoid pressing the volume button on your smartphone, then you must have to try this Quick Volume Control app which will provide you touch-based smart interface to control the profile level of the phone.


Using this app, you can increase or decrease your sound level of the device just from the notification of your screen. Getting this setting in the notification bar makes the best deal to switch from ringer modes to Silent, Normal and Vibrate mode.

As mention above, the app comes in dark and light theme and also users get multiple color options to change the color of Volume notification bar and Volume control widget. However, to install this Quick Volume control app you need to have 4.1 Android version.

You can directly download Quick Volume Control app from here. For downloading you just have to pay Rs. 20 which will give an ad-free experience. Do try this app and share your experience in our comment section below.