PNB MetLife’s Infinity Android App Review – Worth Checking

PNB MetLife’s Infinity Android App is next generation of cloud storage. With the growing tech-savvy world, it has now become important to be one click away in any situation. Wouldn’t you want your important documents and information right in your phone with you? One click, and there you have your insurance policy or bank details. So don’t you worry if you haven’t carried your documents or travelling without the required certificates. With the new PNB Metlife Infinity app, you can now secure and save your important documents and memories. All you need to do is download the “PNB Metlife Infinity”.


Along with this introspection, PNB Metlife, launches “PNB Metlife Infinity”, which enables you to share all your important documents and memories with your nominees. PNB Metlife is safe and secure app where in one can store all valuable personal information such as birth certificates, passports, financial and insurance documents, home agreements, bills and more. This secure digital hub allows you free storage of up to 5GB.

The PNB Metlife Infinity App allows one to capture and share the most valuable memories and deliver everything to the respected person at a preordained time in the future.
Also all the information is password protected and permanently backed up, safe and sound.

Features of PNB Metlife Infinity Android App.

• Content

PNB Metlife’s Infinity android app provides support for audio, videos, photos and documents. One can save and secure photos and videos effortlessly.

• Sharing

This app helps share the content to any number of people or groups. That is there is no limited specified to share the content.

• Scheduling

You can schedule and release memories and documents for those you care about by adding the information or photos to your album at any point in the future.

• Storage

PNB Metlife Infinity android app provides free 5GB Storage.

• Platform Functionality

This platform works in an upload and share-the-access way. In a situation where a particular album is shared with some people, further edits in that album will automatically be visible to the recipients.

• Contacts

Groups can be made and people can be added in the specific groups. For eg: recipients can be added as ‘loved ones’ or ‘chosen loved ones’ and also be clubbed together in form of groups. This will be stored in the contact list of the PNB Metlife Infinity App.

• Pass on your Legacy – ( my personal favorite feature)

One of the significant feature is the Pass on your legacy. Through this feature one can mark the account as inactive in case of any unfortunate event where the account owner cannot access his/her account. The ‘Chosen loved ones’ can mark the account inactive and the scheduled content will be shared with the respective recipients.PNB Metlife Infinity Android App is so far the best app to save and secure your detailed information. The App is safe to use sans any false misuse of your trusted information. PNB MetLife Infinity is available on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. This app is a must download and we highly recommend to experience the security and unique features of this app.

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