Photofeed Android App Review : Cloud Storage App For Your Photos

Photofeed is an amazing app made up by Pixable. It is one of the best online photo storage solutions available today in the whole internet world. The main feature of Photofeed is that it amazingly upload and organize the photos from all your devices and store them at a single cloud. Let us understand the Photofeed Android App in detail.


The Photofeed user just need to sign up with email-id or sign up with Facebook and he will be gifted with free account that allows to sync 1000 photos. Isn\’t is great. The team of Photofeed is sure that the users will like the service and surely upgrade to plus, pro or platinum version.

The next step would be linking the account with Facebook, the moment you link it with Facebook all the photos will be synced into the photofeed could server and it will be well organized according to the date. Then you just just to click on the month and the photos clicked in that month will be shown to you.

There is also automatic anti-duplication technology enabled on the uploads which intelligently detects duplicates and ignores them so you don’t even have to worry about sorting your pics. It is the most simple way to just upload and forget, rest of all the work will be done by the Photofeed.

As mentioned above  the FREE plan gives all Photofeed users free storage of up to 1,000 photos, and additional free storage for sharing Photofeed with friends. Users also have the option to try our unlimited premium plan free for the first month.

Photofeed can easily sync photos from the following devices :

  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Facebook
  3. HardDrive
  4. Mac
  5. PC

The Photofeed is not just simply good in looks and functions but it is also really secure. It uses very high tech algorithms such as 256-bit encryption to secure the personal photos of the user form the third party people trying to get access over it. The Photofeed Android App also shows all the images in order with date so that it become easy for the user to get the image which he or she was looking for.

All of your photos are private by default. The User can control all sharing and viewing options. They can easily choose what photos you share, how you share them, and whom you share them with. The Photofeed user can also log in to the account via browser by visiting and can access al the pics which are present over the photofeed cloud server.

Over all it is amazing app to look after and must install and try. Let check out some of the facts of the Photofeed Android App. The Photofeed android app have gain 4.4 rating out of 5 from 426 users. The size of the android app is just 4.5 Mb which is considerably small according to its amazing functions. This Photofeed android app works and all devices having android version 2.3 and above. This app have been already installed into more than 50,000 devices and we are sure you will also give a try to it.


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