Photo Editing App Prisma Beta Comes For Android

Do you want your photo to look awesome?Want to convert your random clicks to artwork?You\’re probably wondering how come your friends are uploading such beautiful stills lately on Facebook.Well some apps just explode to popularity. Yes, photo editing app Prisma Beta has just launched it\’s app for Android users, so the long wait will be over.


How to get Beta Version?

Just head to the official website of Prisma:, you can find IOS version download option and then you need to scroll down, and hit the \”Sign up for news\” option button. After that you need to type in your email id and validate your subscription, you are good to go according to a news it was confirmed by News Web that all subscribers will be provided Beta version of the app.

Why Prisma?

Prisma App Beta takes photo editing to another level, images created with Prisma for Android are much more than basic filters that you\’ve been using till now– they are an AI’s reproduction of the original captured image, from scratch. So instead of simply tweaking or tuning an image, Prisma’s AI algorithm “views” your image and completely “redraws” it in one of the many available styles. It virtually gives you the power to recreate the entire picture and give at a finished look and feel.

The response for the app has been terrific and IOS users are enjoying the app since four weeks now.

Pictures Say it All


Filters are oldskool

Are you still editing you pictures with retrica filters or Instagram filters? Well, they are a thing of past now. As Prisma isn\’t just another app which could tune your picture by adding frames or filters to it, instead it follows an altogether different concept to give you a superlative effect to your pictures. So if you ever wanted to be creative with your own clicks and have fun with them. Prisma is just the right platform for it. On the back of IOS, it has had a huge fan following already. All Android fans have been eagerly waiting for the app to go live for Android and you can get going with the Beta version then.


Do tell us with your comments, did this work for you or not?

Developer: Prisma Labs, Inc.
Price: Free+