Now Officially Hide Last Seen, Status and Photo In WhatsApp Messenger

Just a day before yesterday, Facebook acquire WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion and now the updates for the messenger are arriving.  In the recent update of WhatsApp , user can officially hide the last seen ,and show the profile picture and the status only to the people you want. This update from the WhatsApp will improve the privacy of the user and bring back all the users who left WhatsApp just for the “Last Seen” issue.


As this things are related to user privacy, this settings are made available under privacy section of Account Setting. It is very important for user to decide that to whom he/she want to show the personal details such as last seen, profile photo and the Status. Thus by this update, a user can select whether everyone  or the user’s contacts or nobody can see the above mentioned details, because privacy matters a lot.

Steps To Hide L ast Seen :

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger (Make sure you have version 2.11.169 or download from here)
  • Go to Settings  —> Account —> Privacy
  • Select Last Seen / Profile Photo /Status
  • Choose From Everyone / My Contact /Nobody
  • Congrats, After selecting Nobody, you last seen is hidden.

This feature of WhatsApp is available in the Version 2.11.169 where as the the Google Play Store still have the version 2.11.152 , which means to get this new feature of WhatsApp Messenger you need to download the app and then install it in your device. The Google Play Store host the older version of WhatsApp Messenger which doesn’t consist of this feature.

This update from WhatsApp will also bring the users back from WhatsApp Plus to Original WhatsApp, as now everyone can hide last seen easily from the privacy setting section. But the new feature will just remove the last seen text and the time for everybody if you have selected nobody and will show just a black space over there as shown in the below image.

Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free