Now Get Your Wallpaper Changed Automatically With Simple App

Nowadays the use of wallpaper has become an essential part of your Android device. It is the first thing which you will notice while handling the device. Most of the people want unique wallpaper in their daily life. Also, some of them want to automatically change their phone’s wallpaper. Keeping this in mind, the developer has created Auto Wallpaper Changer Android app which will save your battery and also automatically changes the wallpapers.


With this Auto Wallpaper Changer app, you can choose images from your gallery and set it to your Android home screen. It will help you to change your phone’s wallpaper automatically by pre-defined selected images. You can blur your wallpaper, gives color effects, schedule time for wallpaper changing and set your timer for wallpaper shuffler.

How to use Auto Wallpaper Changer app

  • First, download and install the app.
  • Then Click on Plus icon which is present at bottom of the app, it helps you for creating a folder.
  • Later choose the images of your choice which you have to be displayed on your Android home screen. You can choose color options for your wallpapers.
  • Select days and time to set the random wallpaper from your selected album.
  • Lastly, set the interval time of your choice that will helps for changing the wallpaper from your selected folder.

The app keeps your device’s background dynamic and realistic. You can create your own folder by selecting your favorite images which are to be displayed on a screen. After selecting your folder, the app will display your image as wallpaper.

The app is basically designed for changing the wallpaper on your home screen. It is very easy to use and also you can insert images from your SD card or Internal storage. As there is no limitation for inserting an image in your app folder. You can set an image order for your wallpaper which includes Random and sequence option.

Features of Auto Wallpaper Changer:

  • For personalizing your wallpaper, you can choose color filters which include Original, Sepia and Greyscale.
  • According to you select days and time to schedule your wallpaper changes.
  • Set an Interval time between two wallpaper.
  • You can control your notification of the app by enabling/disabling Notification.
  • Set an order for your wallpaper changes such Random or by sequence.
  • You can auto apply wallpaper changes or you can pick your favorite image from the list.
  • Also provides a Dark theme option.

It doesn’t create unnecessary copies of your images for using a wallpaper on your home screen. In order to save memory, it only captures the information of selected images. When your screen is off, the process of changing wallpaper is limited in order to save your phone’s battery. Until you turn your screen on again, the wallpaper won’t be changed.

If you are getting bored by frequently changing wallpaper then this is the best app for you. For this app, you just need to spend Rs. 20 and in return, you can access all features of this app. You can directly download Auto Wallpaper Changer app from Google Play Store

. Do try this app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.