Never Miss Any Notification On Your Phone With Desktop Notifications App

The Android app market is flooding everyday with the launch of different apps every day. One of the superb apps launched to provide you with notifications on your desktop is Desktop Notifications App. This application enables you to view the notifications of your smart phone on your desktop without any hassle. You can even check these notifications while surfing around the internet. Most importantly, this wonderful application is available for free for Android devices. It can run on Android 2.3 and above versions of Android.


How to use Desktop Notifications App?

Not only on your desktop, you can even view your smart phone’s notifications on other Android devices like Tablets and Phablets. You only need to install the browser extension for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in order to view the phone’s Notifications with ease. After the installation, you must grant it access to the notifications and then enter a randomly generated code to your browser extension.

Desktop Notifications App Security & Privacy

This application makes use of secure communication channel for transferring the notifications. This application was developed as the part of research project at Human Computer Interaction Group at University of Stuttgart in Germany. This application collects the anonymous data for analyzing the user interaction with the notifications. The information about you and the content of notifications is not stored by this app. It makes sure that the privacy and the anonymity of the user is maintained and preserved.

The data collected by this app is only used for the research purposes and you are completely assured that no attempt would be made to misuse the data of the user collected by this app. You can download Desktop Notifications app and contribute in research. This application had received more than 100000 downloads so far and is growing rapidly. This app will have support fro Android Lolipop 5.0 in coming future.

Issue related to Desktop Notifications App

One of the major issues detected for this app in Samsung smart phones is when ‘Accessibility Service’ of this app is enabled, the phone start speaking actions like ‘Folder Open’ etc. this is basically the bug in Samsung TouchWiz Interface that could only be corrected by Samsung, not by this app developers. Not only this application, there are many other applications that are suffering from the same problem in many devices.

Accessibility service

The Accessibility service should be enabled because most of the Android devices do not allow other apps to access the notifications. This is the default setting on Android Devices. By use of Accessibility service, you can allow this application to access these notifications and transfer the data to your desktop or other android device. This will only happen when both the devices will have access to internet.


Final Words

Desktop Notifications is a stunning application that allows you to access your smart phone’s notification on your desktop or any other Android device. You just need to install an extension on your browser to allow this app to work well. So install this app and received all the important notifications anywhere you want.

Developer: SPickl
Price: Free