Moving Made Easy With ShiftKarado App

Nothing can overshadow the utmost happiness and excitement of moving to a new house, unless it is relocation stress. That’s because writing down the home inventory and packing all the wealthy stuff you gathered during past two or four years is really exhausting. The comfy full-size sleeper sofas, the barrel-shaped chandelier, and the cookware sets, (with which my mother is very obsessed) and other household stuff can never simply make way into the cartons and trucks. You first have to wrap them with bubble wraps and then carefully secure them into boxes. Then, you have to shortlist top five truckwalas who are ready to transport your goods at the cheapest price and then further falling into arguments with them to come for loading on time, deliver on time and unload all the goods without damaging anything.


There are some people like me who avoid buying a new home just because of how stressful, time-consuming and daunting the shifting can be. But, last weekend I finally bought a new apartment and will be moving in next month. I’m one of those netizens who instantly open Google every time they something. So, after doing a comprehensive research on how to handle your next move, I finally, found an app and the service provider ShiftKarado that takes the charge of all your relocation responsibilities. If you’re also planning to move without any blunders involved, my review of ShiftKarado can help you a great deal.

App Specifications

As it’s obvious by the name, it is owned by a packing and moving company named ShiftKarado. Headquartered in Gurugram, ShiftKarado offers office cleaning service, Relocation Service, Vehicle Moving Service, and House Shifting Service across India. From packing every item to unpacking it at your new place, ShiftKarado manages it all. No more worries about packing everything, hiring truckwalas, and accompanying them to ensure safety of items. It is distinguished among its competitors as a tech-enabled company, which follows a systematic relocation process using digital technology. Just like you order food online or book flights, you can plan your relocation move at ShiftKarado app. It is available on Google Play store with a rating of 3.9 and hit 10k downloads till now.

Account Set-up

You can set up your ShiftKarado account using your Gmail or Facebook account or phone number. With OTP-based login verification and secure payment system, the app assures the security of users’ personal data.


Design and Features:

ShiftKarado app has a simple user interface, I think, that even your grandmother does not need to learn how to use it. However, the app has tutorial mode as well that introduces all the features of the app and how to avail the service. It supports only English language, however, I think, it should support English and regional language also. It has a notification window, just like Facebook. So, whenever your goods are packed, dispatched, and delivered, you’ll be notified in the notification section. There is a “My Move Section” in the app which tells you the history of all your pending moves, booked moves, completed, and cancelled. In case, you cancel a booked move, you will know complete details in this section.

How it works: 

You can plan inter-city moves as well as intra-city by picking your choice from the pre-defined templates in the app. There are default packages available such as 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK for home relocation, Up to 10 employees, 20 employees, and more than 20 employees for office location, and cars and bikes for vehicle relocation. Either the user can simply pick any package or else they can customize the package themselves if few items or more items are to be moved.

I have 1 BHK so I chose 1BHK package, selected what all items need to be moved and mentioned my current location, destination address, date and time. After ten minutes when I was done with this, I unexpectedly received an instant pricing quote on the basis of my requirements. Usually, if you opt for such services, you have to wait for a day or two to get the quote, but ShiftKarado instantly generated the quote. I tried customizing it all over again by adding some items, and the pricing increased.  So, I think this is the best thing for the customers. They can customize their bookings, check the price real quick, and pay only as per their requirements.

Customer Service:

Shiftkarado says that in case, you have any booking or payment issue, a customer sales executive will call within an hour or so and help you out. But, it is not the real truth. We need to wait a long and still we do not get any appropriate answers from them.