Monitor and Improve Battery Health with BatteryGuru App

Smartphone users usually face a quick battery drainage issue in their devices. There are multiple apps available in the market which promise to offer improvement in battery health. But the majority of the apps do not provide the service that they are intended to do. BatteryGuru is probably one of the best applications which will help you to monitor and improve battery health in your Android device.


Monitor and Improve Battery Health with BatteryGuru App:

BatteryGuru App

BatteryGuru promises to improve battery health and performance by optimizing battery life. This will definitely improve the performance of you along with the increase in lifespan. This particular application will offer you four different sections for different purposes.

The first section of the application is “Info”, where you will get the complete statistics of the battery usage. You will also get to see the estimated time for the complete discharge and also full charge duration. 

It will also give you the detailed duration of the device’s sleep mode and active mode. The next section is “Protection”, which is designed for a few specific functionalities. You will get to configure the reminders for the device to have a charging limit along with battery temperature.

Basically, these are the reasons which decrease the performance and health of the device battery. Another section listed in this application is “Health”. This particular section will give exclusive and useful guidelines for getting better performance and protecting the battery life. 

Each and every tip in this section is well described, which is most recommended to be followed to get better results with the performance and health of the device battery.  The last section of this application is “Save”, where you can customize various settings of the application according to your preference.

Initially, there are two different modes available in this section which are already fixed and cannot be customized. But the rest of the settings can be easily customized, and most importantly it does not require to have root access to perform properly. 

This application will also protect your privacy, as they will not be asking for any privacy sensitive information from the user. This application automatically detects the current state of the device and informs the user.

The application will be offered you the cluttered user interface, but it is much easier to use. This application is one of the most recommended battery Monitor and health optimizer for Smartphone devices. Most importantly they are also offering quick support chat features in telegram messenger. 

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This system will instantly help you to give feedback and bug reports to the developers. You can always download the application from the below-provided link in this article. 

Developer: Paget96
Price: Free+


Improvement and monitoring the battery health of your smartphone device is much required in daily life. We have collected complete information regarding the BatteryGuru app from different sources and user reviews. Share this informative article with others, so that they get to choose this useful application in their Android device.