Microsoft brings Edge to Android, introducing Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft has announced that it will bring the Edge Web Browser to Android Devices and also done relaunching of Arrow Launcher as Microsoft Launcher, which is available for Android on Google PlayStore. They assured that Edge Browser will be released soon. One of the most important features is that Windows 10 user can pin their contacts right to main Launcher. You can also open contact\’s information or quickly contact that person.


Microsoft is building a new feature on Microsoft Launcher for Android, including a \”Continue on PC\”. Those who are using Microsoft Launcher can long press on documents, images and much more to continue the new experience on their Window 10 Pc.

Key Features of Microsoft Launcher:

  • The Feed 

You can get all the information at your Fingertips by quick Swipe to the right. Microsoft Launcher offers a tailored feed of your top news, important events, recent activities, favorite people and most frequently used apps.

  • Beautiful and customizable 

Microsoft Launcher has a wide-ranging ways to let you Customize your phone, it is very easy to set colors of the background, and it also has new gesture feature that supports hardcore customizers, which create the environment that makes them more productive.

  • Continue on PC 

Microsoft Launcher has been designed to make it easy for you to continue what you\’re working, whether it\’s a photo, documents and much more on your PC.

The Feed in Microsoft Launcher is very Impressive and fully customizable. Feed Helps you to see the recent activities, calendar events, latest news, contact information, weather and also has delightful greetings for you which are based on time of day. Users can set their background theme to translucent, light or dark with customizable colors like accent color which is present in Windows 10.

Microsoft Launcher is very much fast for Android Users, and those who use Arrow Launcher are very much familiar with their layout and settings. By Log in on their Microsoft Accounts, you can customize the grid, icon packs, disable animations, backup and restore and much more, which makes Microsoft launcher more attractive to use.

Those who are already using Microsoft Arrow beta program, they will get their updates automatically on Google Play store. In updates, the name changes to Microsoft Launcher but your app layouts, wallpapers and many more things remains the same, as this is only an app updates, not a reinstallation.


Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based web browser for Android includes many features like Reading List, Favorite, New Tab Page and Reading View. You also get continue to Pc with Microsoft Edge. It Syncs with your Microsoft Account which helps to keep your favorite and items on the reading list updated across devices.