Making the best choice with Decision Crafting

If you want to buy a new product but which product is better for you? Product A or product B? you confused in it. Each Product as its pros and cons. Decision Crafting helps you in this situation and provides a clear overview of what is best for you. As Decision Crafting is a tool which helps you to do multi-criteria decision analysis.


When you want to purchase any kind of smartphone but, you got many questions in your mind what is the positive feature, what is important in that. Decision Crafting allows you to make a choice between the smartphone that you want to buy. This app is nice and has tight appearance.

Steps to use Decision Crafting:

  • You just need to indicates which option you want to choose, which helps you to choose in between of your product.
  • Indicates the qualities you consider important to your product.
  • Then indicates the value for your product usually, happens on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Finally, search and find your result.

Features of Decision Crafting:

  • It has Convenient Comparison of Options.
  • Also, have Two different Rating Controls.
  • You can Export of Evaluation as Image, CSV or HTML.
  • Users can also use Backup and Restore Feature.

Using all the information you just typed, this app indicates the result in a circle showing how much each product scored. Combining with the number of criteria, the app calculates which choice is better for you. Also, you can still add other criteria and check the result by updating it.


Decision Crafting has designed icons, clear menu, and beautiful animations. You can customize various items or scores of your choice. This app is free for download and contains no ads in it, which is the best thing. You can Download this Decision Crafting app here. After using this app, let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Developer: Adrian Geuß
Price: Free