MailWise : Convenient & Secure Email App Solution for Android

There are lots of Android Email clients on Play Store, each of them offers some or the other features. But still email remains email, that lengthy messages including signatures, headers, forward text and quoted text with lots of unnecessary details. Thus we have came up with amazing Email App called MailWise : Email for Exchange & Hotmail +


MailWise wants user to read just what they need and make the best conversation threads ever. The Israel based company Syntomo have developed this app which is an innovative approach to tackling the complex and disorganized experience of emailing via the mobile phone.

Whether it may be supporting multiple type of account or it may be having clean and clear conversations, MailWise is leading in all the aspects to become one of the most popular Email Client App For Android. There are many features of MailWise which makes it to stand out of the group of all the others Email Client App. Let us list and discuss all of them.

 ► Safe & Secure

MailWise is a pure client side email application, it save all data locally on your device. Since it doesn\’t have any server and don\’t save any of your data into the servers, the developer promises that the app is totally safe and secure. In most of the cases, the data is saved into the server and processed there which later comes to the client side app. Where as MailWise is totally client side email app, the corporate as well as personal emails are directly received at client app and thus it is told as safe and secure.

► Support Multiple Email Provider

The major advantage this Email Client App have is that it supports multiple type of accounts. MailWise covers a lot of ground in this aspect and becomes the email client app with support of Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo and many others.

 ► Easy Setup

It is very easy to setup the app, user just need to enter the email id and password after selecting which type of account it is. That\’s it, you are done with the setting up your account. After setting up the account it ask for some account settings such as Sync contacts, sync calender and sync email and its frequency. It also ask to automatically download attachments with connected with WiFi.

► Clean , Clear and Fast

The main selling point of the MailWise Email Client is that it provides Clean and Clear conversations. It just removes all the signatures, headers, forward text and quoted text with lots of unnecessary details and display just the main message as a whole email. MailWise also collects all the emails from various source such as newsletters , Youtube and many more into one group and make it easy for user to read and react to it.


► Quick Email Search

The MailWise Android App have an amazing feature to search email quickly. It just don\’t search locally for the email, but it also search for email present in the server which are not yet present locally. Many other apps just search locally for the emails and don\’t give proper search result. In this case MailWise is leading when compared to other apps.

► Productive

The app is very productive and just with a swipe we can perform many immediate actions such as delete, archive, move to folder, mark as read/unread , and mark as star. You can also select multiple email by tapping on the contact image screen and perform the same actions easily.

Video Review of MailWise Email Client App

So guys, MailWise is really a good email client app with multiple features and its interface is intuitive and clean. The app is easy to setup also also very pleasant to use.  It is available for free on Google Play Store and had got very good ratings of 4.5 out 5 from 15 thousand users. The app is been downloaded more than 1 million times and there is still a long way to go for MailWise Android App. Try this amazing app and experience the real change in the way you email and manage them.