List of Apps to Fulfill New Year\’s Resolution : Exclusive

New year\’s eve is just round the corner, and with it comes new years resolutions, which are unfortunately broken pretty quickly. It leads to frustrations among quite a few people who make resolutions with the main aim of improving their lifestyle.


Don\’t worry, we\’ve got you covered. Here\’s a handy list of apps which could help you stick to a new year\’s resolution and help you to fulfill new year\’s resolution.

#1. Lift

Ask any person worth his/her salt about what might be one of the better productivity apps out there, and the prompt answer would be \’Lift\’. The app indeed has revolutionary features, and with a simple to understand UI and concise actions, anybody can use this app.

You can set habits which have a huge range – right from doing more yoga daily, writing in the journal to stuff like quitting bad habits, Lift has them all. The app basically works on an encouragement system where your activities are visible to all people using the app. To encourage you, they can \’Prop\’ you to egg you on. The underlying principle is our obsession with getting \’Likes\’ on all our Facebook activities!

Moreover, there\’s a One-to-One coaching system, where you can seek advice regarding a particular activity from a coach, for a monthly fee. Overall, this is an excellent app for those genuinely concerned with making a positive change in the new year and fulfill new year\’s resolution.

Download Lift here.

#2. HabitRPG

This application aims at making the procedure of setting goals and maintaining them a lot more fun. It essentially introduces the environment of an RPG, and you have to make your character survive – good habits would lead to procurement of valuable resources, and bad habits or the failure to perform good activities would result in your character losing health and eventually dying.

The basic aim is to make sure your character earns HP due to good activities, so that he/she can get valuable resources. These resources can later be used for upgrades through the RPG environment. Fulfill new year\’s resolution in such a way will be really great fun.

Download HabitRPG here.

#3. Sworkit

If you\’re obsessed with staying in shape or working out in the new year, and are apprehensive whether you\’ll be able to stick to a goal, look no further. Sworkit is the perfect app for all fitness fanatics out there.

You can choose from a wide range of workout sessions, and can even customise or design your own workout. Moreover, you can also design workouts according to the location you are based in – whether it\’s at the office or at home, this app makes sure that you catch up on your fitness sessions everywhere!

You can also keep a tab on how much you\’ve progressed. A useful graph visualisation shows you how much you\’ve worked out over the last few days and helps to fulfill new year\’s resolution..

Download Sworkit here.

#4. SmartGoals Pro

If you\’re the kind of person who believes in hardcore organisation of daily tasks and maintaining a roster to keep a tally, this is the app you\’re looking for. You can customise almost anything in this app – right from the type of task, to the type of alerts per task, the data collected per task according to calender entries, the type of graph etc.

This app enables you to visually keep track of various aspects of your life – be it personal or work oriented. This is a must have app if you rely on detailed information about goals that you might have set.

Download SmartGoals here.

#5. Todoist

This one brings in the concept of minimalism to the concept of goal maintenance, and at the same time makes sure that you get all the information that you need. You can sync your goals with your inbox, which is available on multiple platforms, so that you can keep track of all your goals from all your devices!


Download Todoist here.


If you want a more through understanding of how these apps work, check the video down below!




We sincerely hope that with this list, people who genuinely have trouble sticking to a new year\’s resolution can achieve more in the coming year. May 2015 bring lots of success and productivity to you all! We hope this list of Apps will help you to fulfill New Year\’s Resolution and bring happiness.