Latest Google Play Store Apk [4.4.21] With Slideout Feature

We have always posted articles about top 5 apps for rooted smartphone , top 3 apps for freelancers and online workers and many more, but we have never posted about the great Google Play Store. Today we found out the latest apk of Google Play Store which is not yet officially released world wide.


The Official Play store version is 4.3.11 , where as we have found the the apk of version 4.4.21.  in this update they  have replaced the menu-accessible navigation buttons with a new slide-out UI. We are sure that you surely gonna enjoy a lot with the new update with amazing User Interface.

It might take about weeks to get this update role out into your smartphone , but we know that all the above android user cant wait for even a second more after knowing this. So here is the download link of Google Play Store 4.4.21 which signed by Google and also upgrades your existing Play Store.

The size pf Apk is just 5.8 Mb. You just require to download the app and install it . The apk will automatically remove the Old version and install the latest version. The most important feature of this play store upgrade is that we can make the purchase of apps , book and movies with a password protection. So that no one can just simple purchase any product without owners permission.


Downlaod Link:

Google Play Store Apk 4.4.21 : Mirror # 1

Google Play Store Apk 4.4.21 : Mirror # 2