Latest Gmail Update merges all inboxes

In a much awaited feature update to the standard application, the latest version of the Gmail app brings in the ability to merge all accounts into one single place to access all the email that you have. While it could already be done on the Android app, the user would have to manually select the particular account and then go through the email, so for users who rely on multiple email accounts, this update comes as a welcome change.


The latest version of Gmail – version 5.1.89985675 – brings a major change in the form of viewing all email, from all accounts, in one single place. While it is a new addition to Gmail, it is not a new feature at all. It has been implemented extensively in BlackBerry\’s Hub – one unified place for all notifications, and also some third party email clients. Nevertheless, it is a welcome change to the Gmail Android App.


One can still access individual accounts using the old method of tapping on the account bubbles or by selecting from the appropriate drop down menu.

As always, you can add POP / IMAP accounts, or even your Exchange account for your work email ID.


Besides this new feature, there is also a new Conversations view, which basically views external email (from other accounts) as if they were Gmail messages. This is a neat feature, since the user can now add mail from various accounts into single folders linked to that particular external account. It unifies the entire experience and almost makes Gmail a universal inbox.


There is also a new \’save to Google Drive\’ button for attachments. This directly saves a particular attachment to the Drive, rather than the device. Again, while this was also available in the previous versions, one would have to go into the options for that attachment, so there\’s a step reduced in this version.



Overall, the new application also promises lots of fixes. Here is the official Changelog for the app.

● All the features you love with a fresh new look and feel.
● One app for all your email. Check and send email from Yahoo Mail, and all other email accounts right from the Gmail app.
● Improved tablet layout that includes faster switching between inbox categories and accounts.
● Additional improvements if you\’re using Android Lollipop, like hiding sensitive lockscreen notifications.
The new Gmail brings in a lot of usability and efficiency, and it might just be on the roads of becoming a completely universal inbox!