Jelly Android App : Social Question Answer App By Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone

Biz Stone , co-founder of Twitter who had left the company in 2011 have came up now with a new social question answer app named –  \” Jelly \” . The Jelly Android App allows the user to connect with various people all around the Facebook and twitter. the user have just simply upload the picture and ask the question. All the users on the Jelly Android App will be able to see the questions and answer to it.


“Using Jelly is kinda like using a conventional search engine in that you ask it stuff and it returns answers. But, that’s where the similarities end.  Jelly changes how we find answers because it uses pictures and people in our social networks. It turns out that getting answers from people is very different from retrieving information with algorithms,” The Jelly team leaded by Biz Stone explains in a blog post.


– Ask questions with images to deepen the context. Crop, reframe, zoom, and draw on your images to get more specific.
– Jelly works with your existing social networks. In addition to asking, you may find yourself answering questions as well.
– Questions can be forwarded outside the app so your friends who don\’t have Jelly can still help. It feels good to help!

The Jelly also said in its blog post that \” In a world where 140 characters is considered a maximum length, a picture really is worth a thousand words \”. Jelly Android App was born out of Stone\’s passion for helping people; he believes the app can make an act of kindness relatively simple.

The user can also forward the jelly question to any other friends via any medium i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook , SMS etc so that they can help to solve it.

No matter how sophisticated our algorithms become, they are still no match for the experience, inventiveness, and creativity of the human mind. Jelly is a new way to search and something more–it makes helping other people easy and fun. We hope you find Jelly as useful and rewarding as we do. – Says Jelly Blog post.


Source : Jelly Blog Post

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