iSpendSmart : A Cloud Money Saving Companion

Money is the most important part of our life for many of us, some people save it where as some people believe in using it. It is well said in proverb of Hindi – \”Money is the dirt of the hand\”. It state that money comes and goes like the dirt of the hand. But the important thing is how you spend this money.


The iSpendSmart App is a simple, smart tool for shopping while managing your family budget and spending! With anytime, anywhere mobile access you always have all your shopping & spending information right at your fingertips, so you can make informed spending decisions and take control of your finances.

By using iSpendSmart App user can simply register and get its profile ready and then make list and create budget and all get saved at the cloud that is on the internet and when ever you login back to the application you get all your data back into the app. This is really a money saving companion.

Features :

  • Manage and share your shopping list, add favorite and much more
  • Gain control over finances with easy to setup budget
  • Create peace of mind as you get a view of your spending transactions with one simple tool
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  • Build financial freedom by eliminating existing debt and increasing savings

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Video :


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