IObit Applock Review and Pro Code For All

The best company for mobile security in the world have developed a mobile security app called IObit Applock. The Android devices are very much secure by using IObit app lock. This app is very easy to use and lock smartphone as well as to keep your stuff secure from unauthorized users. To safeguard privacy and data security the first app which comes in our mind is IObit Applock. Stay with us till the end of Article, there is something awesome for all of you.


IObit app is very simple to use, just you have to select the apps which you want to lock and then features of security will get activated automatically. When you will try to open those apps, you will get one screen of IObit app showing to enter a password. Make sure the password you enter is correct otherwise, it won’t allow you to access the app. IObit ensures you that no one(except you) can access your private information which is present on your smartphone unless you shares the password.

Key Features of IObit App lock

  • App Lock:

IObit App Lock prevents your messaging apps, videos, photos, games or any kind of social apps. You may lock shopping apps which is a good option because somehow your children go in that app and buy something without letting you know about it. You can also lock your work-related documents, by securing your documents no one can harm your files. You can also provide an extra layer of security to your payment related apps. Also, you can lock Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Contacts and much more.

  • Face Lock:

You can protect your privacy by using AI and Face Recognition technology developed by IObit team. you can also use the Face Lock feature to get the access to your personal apps safely and instantly verify your face. Don’t worry about forgetting a password. Face Lock Feature is available on all Android smartphones running on version 4.4 and up.

  • Fingerprint Lock:

It requires Android 6.0 or upper Android version to activate fingerprint lock. Also, requires fingerprint sensors to lock or unlock your apps easily and fast with your fingerprint. Don’t need to worry about forgetting password because it gives you a backup pin to unlock your devices.

  • Fake Lock:

You get force stop feature which shows a fake crush screen to those who want to access your apps. Picture cover feature hides all locked apps showing your own picture from gallery to fool others. Same things happen in Call cover, Voice authentication cover and Fingerprint cover which helps you to fool the other people who try to access your device.

  • Intruder Selfie:

This is one of the best features, you can snap a photo who tries to unlock your apps. You also get a photo immediately who try to access your device through email. Records the time and date in applock for a check. You can set the limit of times for incorrect password.

Positive Points of IObit Applock

  • Locks system setting and private apps.
  • Facelock helps you to unlock your apps fast and easy without any password.
  • Fake lock helps to disguises the lock screen with fun covers
  • Fingerprint Lock is also one of the best security features to unlock or lock your apps.
  • Also, helps you to hide private content from notification.
  • Intruder selfie helps you to catch the snooper’s photo and notify you via email.
  • You can set your customize themes and also customized the delay of the lock screen.
  • Efficiently protect your apps and files.

IObit Applock Pro For Free!

You get privacy protection for a lifetime in just $2.99. Protect your privacy more secure by customizing your settings. Customized your lock screen by your own choice. IObit adds 2 new high-quality themes every month. Add more new Fake locks and much more.

So for the Above Android followers, we came again with a giveaway, but this time for all. This is a six-month pro code to utilize all the features of the app and have a great experience.

How to activate IObit Applock Pro code? 

  • Download the app from Google Play Store and open it.
  • Please tap Sidebar at the top-left
  • Tap the little arrow icon at the very bottom to open Enter Code area.
  • Enter the code “AboveAndroid” and tap  ACTIVATE. Then you can enjoy the Premium version.

That’s all about the amazing IObit Android App and the giveaway for all. We also have another giveaway runing on the blog so just click here and grab a chance to win that too. Let us know your views on this app and a small request just comment below with a Thanks after activating the Pro Code for free.