IIT Delhi Students Developed Covid 19 Track App To Identify Contacts With Covid19 Patients

Coronavirus which is also known as Covid 19 is spreading like very badly in the whole world. India is no more an exception from it. There have been more than 100 new cases registered every day. Yes, we can say that our country is currently in a better position than many other countries such as Italy or the USA. But guys, we need to take care and follow instructions from our Government and the PM Narendra Modi to fight against this novel coronavirus.



In the coronavirus, the infected person may take between 2 to 14 days to show the symptoms of the covid19. If a person get covid19 positive result of its test, then it becomes very tough job to trace all the contacts and activities of the infected person, as there are very high chances of getting other person infected with the coronavirus.

Students of IIT Delhi have developed an Android App which helps to trace the individuals who come in close contact with COVID-19 positive cases.

The team of Covid 19 track app comprises of five students from IIT-Delhi — Vikas Upadhyay (PhD student from the computer science department), Gulsan Jahagid, Pankaj Singh (undergrad students from the computer science department), Anchal Sharma, and Arshad Nasser (PhD students, design department).

The team has developed a mobile application that tracks the number of interactions with users with 2 metres of physical range, using wireless Bluetooth technology. There is no GPS tracking involved.

Covid 19 Track App Screenshot

In case anyone in the user’s connection (known/unknown) has been reported COVID-19 positive, the app server will automatically send a notification on the app to all the members in the interaction chain.

All the data, i.e. name and phone number is secured through encryption and is required only to generate a unique ID for the security of the user’s credentials.

According to the team, the application provides precise, secure, and reliable tracking techniques. Additionally, it will help in spreading self-awareness among patients and encourage more to get tested for the infection.


Download Covid 19 Track App

It is also reported that the Government of India is working on the app to fight coronavirus in India. Soon the app will be live on the Google Play Store and we will share the details with you.