HummingBird News App By Microsoft Launched with AI Features

As every big company in the technology arena have come up with their news apps like Google with Google News, Apple with Apple News and also Facebook and Twitter have their algorithmic news feeds, now Microsoft has also joined the league with its new news app called HummingBird. Currently, this app is only available in the US.


The thing that makes Humming Bird different from the other news app is that it is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based app. The AI technology makes the app so useful and helpful to the user that the user only gets to see what he wants to see.

First, when the user installs the app, the app asks the user to select the topics in which he is interested. These topics are the various fields like Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Technology, Fashion, Food, Health, etc for which the user wants to get the news. Once the user finishes this selection then he will see his news feed populated with the topics of his interest only.

When you are reading a news in the news feed, there is an option button every news. There are options to save, share, dislike or block the news article. When you tap on the article it takes you to the original website of the article but the HummingBird’s title bar is still there at the top where you can switch back to the app.

Apart from these feature there are two more buttons “Search” & “Me”.  “Search” is basically an option to search any news or topics on the app. “Me” takes you to a page where you can see your interested topics, saved articles and history.

You can also clear all your data in the app and disable automatic video & GIF playback. On the top right corner, there is “+” button. This button allows user to add more topics of his interest.

The HummingBird app will get beneficial and helpful with time. As AI will know more about user i.e. the topics user likes, the topics user avoids it will show the results accordingly.

As mentioned above the app is currently available only in the US. But the users of the other regions can install it through APK Mirror. These are still the early days for the app, time will tell that how good and better the app is from other.