How To Restore Deleted Files From Android Smartphone Using Dumpster

Hey loyal reader\’s ! Today I\’m here to share with you another article of  HOW TO stuffs and I\’m sure you\’ll be amazed at the end of this article. So here I get to the point finally, I\’m here to give you amazing android application to get/restore all your deleted/lost Images,Videos, Applications and  files back to your android smartphone .Yeah! You heard it right !! its kind of recycle-bin for your android device. I don\’t know about you all but, sometimes I delete my android stuffs by selecting multiple option and by mistakenly delete some important file (sad) . But now no issues, I can get them back whenever it happens by this application – Dumpster .

So now let\’s get some more details about this application. As I told this applications is a perfect replica of recycle bin from your desktop computer. Dumpster gives you the ability to change your mind in case you accidentally delete the wrong file. It is a application which is to be kept in case of emergency  because its of no use after you delete some file and cry sitting for It.This is rated too high because unlike other applications This application requires no internet connection!and not even root access is required.

Features :
  • Restore deleted pictures,music files,videos.
  • Restore files in any other format (pdf,mp3,doc,avi,jpg,txt, and many more..)
  • Very easy to use.
  • Previews all files before restoring
  • Auto-clean backup files at a given period.
  • Screen Lock
  • No internet connections
  • No root access
  • Restore deleted messages ,Contacts (COMING SOON)

Stats :

  • This app is rated about 4.5 by about 400 + users.
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  • It requires android version above 2.2.
  • It is categories under Productivity.
  • There are about more than 100000 installs in last month.
Screenshots :