How to Lock Android Apps and Media Using Hexlock App

Everything is going mobile now, and it is must to secure your mobile device and the information within it. Of course, You can insure your smartphone with the help of mobile insurance, but it also important to secure your phone when it is with yourself. What if your friends can open your phone and access all private information, what if you want to restrict access on few or application when your phone is not with you. Thus, it is must to Securely Lock Android Apps and this can be done using Hexlock App



Hexlock app is a combination of two things, Firstly App Lock and second Photo Vault. Using Hexlock you get the complete control on what content you would like to show to whom. Hexlock also helps to lock your apps and not the phone, so you can share your phone worry free. All I can say is that Hexlock App helps to Improve your mobile app security while protecting your privacy with all-in-one customizable app locker and media vault app for Android devices.

Features of Hexlock App

  • Smart App Locking

Hexlock is the customizable app locker for Android that fits your lifestyle. You can create a personalized app lock profiles for home, work, parental control, club, outdoor and more to protect only the apps you choose. Using Hexlock app you can password protect your apps with a PIN, pattern or your unique fingerprint.

  • Protect your personal files

The another important feature of Hexlock app is  that it can protect your private photos and videos effortlessly with the Media Vault. The Media Vault will help you prevent unauthorized access to your personal files. You can easily import your files into the vault and they can never be accessed without your unique Hexlock App pin or password.

  • Customizable lock screen

Every-time you try to open the secured App, the Hexlock app will ask you for the pin or password or fingerprint, and the screen which ask for this authentication is called Lock Screen. Using Hexlock you can also customize the lock screen by selecting any color or use any image from your gallery as the lock screen background.

  • Fingerprint unlocking

The best way to secure your private stuff is using your biometric information and the fingerprint is really secure and safe way to protect your private data in the smartphone. By using Hexlock App you can use your unique fingerprint as your Hexlock passcode for the ultimate app protection.

  • Automatic activation

Sometime there can be a situation where you can forget to activate any profile when it was required and that can cause you into a serious issue. By using Hexlock app you can set your Hexlock profile to auto-activate when you connect to known Wi-Fi networks.

  • Uninstall prevention

The best feature of Hexlock app is the uninstall prevention. There are many app lock apps but one the main reason Hexlock is ahead of all is that the hacks to unlock apps dint work here. You can prevent others from uninstalling Hexlock and accessing your locked apps or media files.

Final Words

Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Application is the best app lock and photo vault application available on the Google Play Store. The design in clean and materialized and it feels good to use such apps. For sure, this is a good replacement for any App Lock application with many new features and great design. We at Above Android recommend to install and use this app and experience the great secure feeling.

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