Hike Messenger : Made With Love In India

The messaging apps had revolutionized the smart phone world and had made chatting free of cost. Now, you need not to recharge your phones in order to get some message credit from the service provider. You just need an internet connection to send unlimited free messages around the world to any person. These apps had even made the international messaging too easy and free of cost. One of such application is Hike. You just need to install Hike Messenger on your smart phone in order to avail the free messaging services offered by this wonderful instant messaging application.


Hike messaging application allows a smart phone user to communicate with other smart phone user anywhere around the world for free. A user just needs to install the Hike Messenger for once to his/her smart phone.

Effective Features of Hike Messenger

Hike is the instant messaging and SMS application that allows the user to:

  • Communicate with smart phone users, who are installed with Hike Messenger on their smart phone via instant messaging
  • Communicate with other smart phone users not having hike messenger through SMS
  • Communicate with any phone user through SMS. This app provides 100 such messages every month

The Hike Messenger allows you to send and share group chat, photos, and videos with other people having this messenger installed to their smart phones.

User Interface of Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger follows the conversation layout for the messages that have a white and blue color scheme. It is really very pleasing to the eyes. It provides you the list view of the previous conversation and also allows you to add conversation button to the address. The conventional gestures like long press had been included in Hike Messenger. You will forget using every other app after you install this Messenger to your smart phone.

Battery performance

The power consumed by this application is very consistent and little. The CPU usage and network is sporadic and is light with respect to its battery consumption. After testing, this application showed a drain of 10 percent of a 1400mAh battery in 11 hours. This is quite low as compared to other apps.

Other useful Features

Hike not only provides you 100 SMS free to send it to any other phone user not installed with this app, but if any other person joins on your referral, you get additional 50 SMS to send to normal phone users. It also provides the code to the recipients of SMS to block you, if you are disturbing them frequently.


Why to use Hike Messenger?

There are plenty of reasons to use Hike Messenger. Some of them are:

  • It is a free instant messaging and SMS application
  • You can send messages to any person around the world using Hike Messenger
  • It provides you additional 100 SMS to send them to normal phone user every month and additional of 50 messages on every referral
  • It is a good messenger which is made with in India

Why not to use Hike Messenger?

  • If a person replies to hike messages over a normal phone, he/she is deducted with STD charges by the network provider
  • SMS sent through this Messenger has a promotional subscript about Hike