Hike Is Launching Something Brand New Tomorrow

Hike App is now ready for the hike. A well know Instant Messaging Application in India known as Hike Messenger is on the verge of eruption. Kavin Bharti Mittal founded app Hike is screaming out \”Something Brand New Coming Tomorrow\”. The Hike News as well as the Hike Official Twitter account is showing that Hike Messenger is coming up with something huge on 20th June 2017, 12 PM.


Lets check out what all features are present in the Hike Messenger App right now. This list goes on starting with Stories, New Camera, Photo Editing, Live Filters, 5000+ Free Stickers, Hidden Mode, Hike Direct, Share Document & Files, Hike Video Calls, Group Chats, Chat Themes, Free Group Calls, Privacy, Hike Offline, News on Hike, Send Uncompressed Images, Free Hike2SMS to India, Bigger Attachments and may be few more.

Yes, the list of features is not less for Hike App and yet they are launching something brand new tomorrow. Here is the list of things which we can expect to be launching tomorrow.

  • Hike Payments

Hike Messenger can launch a payments mechanism on its app that will be linked to the government-backed unified payments interface (UPI). When the payment service goes live, it could make Hike the largest UPI-based payment platform in the country.

  • New Application in Hike Family

The App industry is growing tremendously. It might be launching a sister app which can help Hike messenger to boost the user base. It is also possible that it might be separate few features into a new app. For that to finalize, we need to wait few hours.

  • Artificial Intelligence Implementation

As the banner depicts, Hike is going to change the way you chat. Hike might bring AI in the picture and improve the way we chat. Machine Learning is what everyone is talking about, there is huge probability that hike might be coming up with the update regarding AI.

We can just predict on this. But anyways Hike is all set to launch the biggest update to the app since its launch tomorrow! This update will include some of the most requested features from Hikers and going by all the positive feedback from the early users we are sure that this is going to be one of the most loved updates ever.


So lets wait for few more hours and we will be back on what hike have came up with.