Hammer App : Global, Instant Opinions On Your Android Smartphone


In a dilemma ? Difficult for you to decide on which one is the better of the two ? Need for seeking opinions and suggestions from people around you ?We have something that will definitely help you come out of your confusion. Using this ‘insanely addictive’ application, called HAMMER, developed by Indian Co-founders – Amit Khanna and Gaurav Khanna , you can instantly get lots of opinions  hammered out every moment on absolutely anything from friends or people around the world, right on your smartphone. It just requires you to sign up for an account in-app or online at hammerit.in and once done, you can start asking for opinions. Its quick, Simple and you can begin posting straight away. Post your question and let your friends – and the Hammer community – decide! The responses will start pouring in at a moment’s notice. A pure, true, unbiased opinion on anything from anyone – right here, right now.

The process is quite simple – Select a photo , chose a category for your question and post it. The application allows you to post two pictures and ask for responses in terms of percentage. The application even lets you to set the target audience : male, female or only friends. Like a social network you cannot only invite and add your friends but also chat with them from within the application. Obviously you can also share your opinion on pictures shared by other users around the world and leave your comments over there. It feels great to post, even better to share. A nifty feature is the scrolling news section that keeps you updated about events from across the world.


The Key Features Of  The Hammer App :

• Allows you to Post questions with photos, share news and vote instantly.
• Choose a category for your question, such as fashion, movies, or sports.
• Ask just the women/men, your mates – or everyone around the globe
• Get objective, pure, true, unbiased answers and opinions from users around the world
• Post your comments when a simple yes or no just isn’t enough
• Sections such as ‘My Opinions’ and ‘My Activity’ to know about your complete activity history.
• Add your friends and Instantly-message them in-app
• Get alerts and notifications when your friends share, post or vote and comment on your questions
• Share your activity on Facebook and Twitter


Screenshots Of The Hammer App


Download Hammer App From Google Play Store