Grammarly Keyboard App Available for Android to make your Grammar more better

For proper English writing platform, Grammarly announced the rollout of a virtual Grammarly keyboard for Android users which is available on  Google Play Store.  Grammarly Keyboard App comes more than a month after the keyboard app was launched for iOS. On the desktop version,  Grammarly offers a tool that goes beyond a simple spell check, and now you can use that tool for Android too.


The new Grammarly Keyboard app is a personal editor that has integration over mobile apps and mobile browsers. When you will type using  Grammarly keyboard, it will check your writing and make sure your message looks clear and mistake free. It also solves your grammatical mistakes which you do while typing a message. The suggestions for the message  will be displayed on top of the keyboard, which you can accept just by tapping on them.

For Premium users of Grammarly, the app will suggest additional styles improvements and vocabulary enhancements. It is very easy to set up this app, you just have to enable it in a setting and set it to default keyboard app. This app is very similar to Google Keyboard, but it gives correction bubbles pop up at the top as you type.

Features of Grammarly Keyboard:

  • Checks your grammatical errors and correct your spelling mistakes.
  • It improves your Vocabulary enhancements and correct punctuation mistakes.
  • The app integrates smoothly with all of your apps.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • You can see short and clear explanations for every correction.
  • It improves your skill and works everywhere.

On Android devices, you can choose a language from American or British English on the Grammarly keyboard. Also, you can add words to your personal dictionary to prevent Grammarly from flagging them as mistakes. Once added, words from your personal dictionary will be applicable to all platform.

Grammarly protects user data, it claims that it has encryption and several other measures in place to ensure that there is no misuse of data which is collected for providing the word suggestions. The app is also blocked for accessing sensitive information like your credit card details or passwords. Grammarly claims that it is a mistake checking algorithm which has been developed by some of the world’s leading linguistic experts.

The user can log in with your Grammarly account, and premium users get advanced style suggestions. The free version only does a regular spell check. The keyboard features are very basic, it has no themes, swipe input, or layout options. You can download Grammarly Keyboard

from Google Play Store. Do try this app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.